5 State Parks for Affordable Family Vacations

Muhammad Yasin
5 State Parks for Affordable Family Vacations

This summer, skip the hectic city vacation and take your family to one of America's gorgeous and affordable state parks. The following five parks all allow camping and are outstanding for beauty, history, and family entertainment.

Big Basin State Park - California

Located near Santa Cruz, Big Basin has the largest continuous stand of old-growth redwood trees in central California. Stretching nine miles from the Santa Cruz Mountains to the beach, the lushly forested park has 80 miles of hiking trails that showcase its waterfalls, old-growth forests, and wildlife.

giant Redwood trees

Sugarite Canyon State Park - New Mexico

Located on the remains of a once booming coal camp, Sugarite is an awesome park for history buffs and nature enthusiasts. The camp's ruins now stand among 4,000 acres of forest interspersed with prairie, and the park is especially famous for its wildlifemost notably, butterflies.

butterflies in field of wildflowers

Bear Mountain State Park - New York

Less than two hours from the heart of Manhattan, Bear Mountain offers breathtaking views of the Hudson, miles of forested biking and hiking trails, winter ice skating, and a zoo.

overlook at Bear Mountain State Park

De Soto State Park - Alabama

The pine and hardwood forests of northeast Alabama's De Soto State Park are filled with streams, waterfalls, and over 900 species of wildflower. Visit in the spring and be dazzled by the park's floral display.

Golden coreopsis tinctoria wildflowers

If you are visiting the United States to visit these beautiful parks, remember to research travel insurance just in case a medical need arises during your trip. Ensuring that you purchase coverage before your trip can help avoid potentially costly medical bills.

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