6 Relaxing Holiday Locations to Visit and Do Nothing

Muhammad Yasin
6 Relaxing Holiday Locations to Visit and Do Nothing

Modern living is notoriously demanding. Climbing the corporate ladder can be difficult. Relationships can be complicated. Children can be exhausting. Neighbors are sometimes annoying.

Even the traditionally effortless task of watching television can be a chore, with so many channels to choose from and so little time to spend watching them. People deserve a break every now and again, yet even vacations can be stressful and tiring. Provided below is a list of six relaxing holiday locations to visit and do nothing.

1. Bagan, Burma

The Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort in Burma provides everything a traveler needs to do nothing at all during their vacation. Comprised of 24 acres of landscaped gardens, this sun-drenched corner of the world supports a way of life that might best be described as gloriously relaxing.

2. Petit St. Vincent

Petit St. Vincent is an island paradise. Travelers may lose a bead or two of sweat in getting to this beautiful cluster of Caribbean islands, but the journey is well worth the effort. 115 acres of gently rolling hills, sun-kissed white sand beaches and exclusive cottages make Petit St. Vincent the perfect place to do nothing on vacation. Televisions and telephones are not welcome on these islands!

3. Montreal to Halifax

Sometimes doing nothing means doing something. Catching the train, for example, requires a little effort — but catching a train can mean heading towards somewhere very special. Sometimes, the train itself is the attraction, as is the case with 'The Ocean' Train — Canada's coast-to-coast rail service that enables travelers to explore North America in style, comfort and luxury: a splendid way to do something and nothing on vacation.

4. Hopkins, Belize

Belize offers a hidden gem in the form of Hopkins, a small village situated outside Dangriga. Off the beaten track so far as tourism is concerned, Hopkins can be enjoyed by travelers at a distinctly relaxed pace, with the Garifuna culture offering hospitality and entertainment in abundance.

5. The Seven Seas

When the only beach in town becomes a giant sunbathing mat for the bronzed and beautiful, it may be time to head out to sea for a chance to do nothing in peace and quiet. Sailing the seven seas does not have to be a pirate's life, as many a private yacht can drift serenely on the open water while providing all of life's creature comforts.

To avoid actual pirates, however, certain stretches of water ought to be avoided (particularly those around Somalia!). Italy's Amalfi Coast offers plenty of opportunities for sailors to do nothing in relative safety.







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