Finding Air Travel Deals

Muhammad Yasin
Finding Air Travel Deals

Buying boarding passes in the digital age means scouring travel blogs for good deals and visiting major travel websites in the name of finding air travel deals to keep our trips as affordable as possible. The savvy shopper, however, knows that finding the absolute best deals on air travel means learning the market and being flexible.

Here is a list of helpful tips that will lead you to finding air travel deals:

Avoid Weekend Travel

According to Ambassadorway Travel, you can pay an additional $25-$40 for departure and arrival if your flight happens to take place on a Saturday or Sunday. This means that flying on the weekend can actually cost you $50 -$80 more if you are departing and returning during the weekends.

Travel Off Season

Often, the off season or low season deals make traveling far cheaper than traveling during the peak season. To avoid high prices, avoid travel during the peak season.

  • Low season: January- the beginning of April; September- the beginning of December
  • Mid season: April- the beginning of June
  • Peak season: June- August; December- the beginning of January

Buy Packages

Many people use travel packages as a way of consolidating and cutting costs. Travel packages usually include airfare, hotel, and sometimes ground transportation. These packages will not only save you money on air travel, but also accommodations, and help make your entire experience run a bit more smoothly.

Avoid Direct Flights

We all like to get to our destinations as quickly as possible, but doing so could cost you extra. Direct flights tend to cost more than connecting flights. If you are willing to deal with a layover (or two depending on your destination), you will save money.

Be Flexible

The best advice for finding air travel deals is to be flexible. If you are flexible with travel dates, maybe even destinations and layovers; you will find air travel deals and the best prices possible. Buy early on when possible and use search engines like Bing or Kayak to help track the costs of your desired flight.

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