9 Japan Travel Blogs to Inspire Your Travels

Sarah Foley

Browsing travel blogs is an excellent way to get tips and ideas for your upcoming travel adventure. Not only will these Japan travel blogs give you a peek into authentic Japanese culture, but they’ll also provide helpful tips to keep your future trip to Japan running smoothly.

Here are the 9 best Japan travel blogs to explore before you depart. (We've divided them into 3 categories so you can quickly find the information you need.)

Best Japan Travel Blogs for Comprehensive Travel Guides

1. Matcha Japan Travel Magazine

Instagram: @matcha_jp

Matcha is an online magazine that illustrates the possibility of adventure all throughout Japan. It is a must-read for every traveler heading to Japan for the first time.

The magazine’s goal is to make the beauty of Japanese culture accessible. Matcha offers comprehensive guides for virtually every major city in Japan, including:

These guides are available in 10 different languages. They allow you to easily browse through hotels, restaurants, and things to do. They also highlight a variety of helpful travel tips about getting around Japan, Japanese language and culture, currency, and weather.

This Japanese travel magazine is a great place to start to familiarize yourself with Japanese culture.


Must-read: Japan’s Kawaii Culture: What Is It and Where Can You Find It?


Many foreign visitors are completely charmed by Japanese Kawaii culture, or the overall endearing and cute nature for which Japan is famous. Reading this article will get you excited to go explore it for yourself.

2. Asian Wanderlust

Instagram: @asian.wanderlust

Asian Wanderlust is a blog focused entirely on travel throughout Asia. When blogger MF left his job as an engineer to explore the world, he instantly fell in love with the culture of Asia.

His blog, Asian Wanderlust, gives you a peek into authentic Japanese culture. It offers practical travel tips, recommendations for hotels and restaurants, and complete city guides to cities throughout Japan. Each post is so inspirational you just might book a trip right away!


Must-read: Onsen Kyoto - 10 Amazing Hot Springs You Need to Try


A trip to Japan isn’t complete without visiting an onsen, or traditional Japanese hot spring. This article gives you a guide to some of the best options in Kyoto.

3. A Little Adrift

Instagram: @alittleadrift

Shannon O’Donnell began documenting her travels in 2008 as a way to motivate and encourage other travelers to continue exploring. Her informative and well-designed blog provides tons of helpful information through a socially-responsible lens. In fact, Shannon’s focus on safety and responsibility while traveling in Japan is what sets A Little Adrift apart from other blogs.

Shannon’s site gives you an in-depth look into the culture of Japan so that you can visit respectfully and stay safe while you’re there. You’ll find city guides, recommended day trips, and additional resources to help you learn about Japanese culture.


Must-read: Japan Travel Guide


While A Little Adrift offers plenty of articles that hone in on a specific city or destination, this Japanese travel guide organizes useful information in a way that’s very easy to read. You’ll find photos and activity recommendations, tips for planning and scheduling your trip, and information about getting around this magnificent country.



Best Japan Travel Blogs for Practical Tips and Advice

4. AsiaTravelBug

Instagram: @asiatravelbug

Asiatravelbug is full of helpful Japan-centric travel tips courtesy of Tiffy, an ex-finance manager and self-proclaimed “travel planning freak.” Tiffy is certainly an expert on traveling to Japan – she’s visited eight times! Her tips range from why you need a pocket Wi-Fi in Japan to how to see Mt. Fuji at its best.


Must-read: Tokyo Itinerary 7 Days


This itinerary is perfect for any traveler intimidated by the prospect of planning a trip to Tokyo, Japan. This complete itinerary includes seven full days in the area, but you can use it as a jumping off point for your own Japanese adventure.  

5. Surviving in Japan (The Unconventional How-to Guide for Living in Japan without Much Japanese)

Instagram: @survivinginjapan

This Japan travel blog is run by former Japan expat Ashley. Ashley moved from the Pacific Northwest to Japan after undergrad, where she learned to navigate the foreign culture (without speaking much Japanese). Now, she’s documenting what she’s learned.

Surviving in Japan offers helpful tips and resources to the total Japan-newbie. Ashley provides first-hand accounts from her own experience, as well as incorporating guest posters and outside sources which make her blog even more informational.


Must-read: Make Life Easy - 8 Tools for Surviving in Japan


Don’t stress about the language barrier before traveling to Japan. This blog recommends helpful online tools to navigate the Japanese language and translate Kanji (Japanese script).

6. Boutique Japan

Instagram: @boutiquejapan

Boutique Japan is a travel company that lives and breathes Japan. Self-proclaimed Japan specialists, the individuals at Boutique Japan help fellow travelers experience this country to the fullest. Their blog focuses on authentic experiences and informed traveling.


Must-read: Japanese Whisky: A Comprehensive Guide


Did you know that Japan is a rising star in the whisky industry? Yep, you read that right! Learn about the history of the Japanese whisky industry and discover how to visit whisky distilleries in Japan for a truly authentic Japanese adventure.

Learn everything you need to know about traveling to Japan for the first time.


Best Japan Travel Blogs for Budgeting Tips

7. Two Wandering Soles

Instagram: @twowanderingsoles

Katie and Ben have traveled extensively throughout Asia (and the rest of the world) for the last 15 years. They quit their comfortable jobs to travel the globe shortly after getting married, and they quickly became experts in finding hidden gems and seeking out affordable travel.

True digital nomads, this couple offers a wealth of advice for traveling to Japan. You’ll learn how to budget for a trip to Japan, how to buy a Japan Rail pass, and more.


Must-read: How to Purchase a Japan Rail Pass Ticket


Trains are one of the main methods of transportation in Japan, but train travel can be confusing for first-time visitors. Katie and Ben will walk you through the process of purchasing Japan Rail Pass tickets while providing key recommendations on how to save along the way.

8. The Poor Traveler

Instagram: @thepoortravelers

Bloggers Yoshke and Vins live by the philosophy, “You don’t need to be rich to travel, but you can make your travels priceless.” Former full-time employees themselves, Yoshke and Vins are documenting and learning from the budget mistakes they made when they first began traveling.

This travel duo is well-traveled throughout Asia and their blog is home to over 100 Japan-related articles. These articles range from how to fill out a visa application to essential winter travel tips.


Must-read: Tokyo Itineraries


Not everyone wants to travel for the same amount of time – or on the same budget. Explore the Poor Traveler’s sample Tokyo itineraries to discover how to travel to Japan on a budget for up to eight days. Each itinerary includes a complete breakdown of prices, making it easier to estimate your exact cost prior to arriving in Japan.

9. Japan Travel Mate

Instagram: @japantravelmate

Japan Travel Mate is run by Aussie-native and true Japanophile Deano Wormaid. His extensive knowledge on the topic of Japan comes from having previously lived in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. Even now, he travels to Japan for at least three weeks a year.

Through his blog, Dean gives you an in-depth look at life in Japan from an expat’s perspective. Gain a well-rounded glimpse into the country by following along with his Japan travel series:


Must-read: Japan on a Budget, Tips for Cheap Travel!


Japan can be an expensive destination, but Dean continually tests and improves upon his methods for traveling the country without spending a lot of money. Discover his tried-and-true tips and tricks for cheap travel in Japan.

Discover more tips for traveling Japan on a budget.

Additional Reading:

While they don’t dedicate their entire blogs to Japan-focused content, these travel experts know a thing or two about Japan from visiting the country themselves:

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