Planning the Perfect Family Vacations with Toddlers

Jarred Juett
Planning the Perfect Family Vacations with Toddlers

Nothing rejuvenates quite like a vacation. The chance to get away from the everyday, relax your mind, and unplug can reinvigorate and refresh your spirit. The opportunity to successfully do so, however, can be a challenge when you have little ones in tow.

The key is to find a location with enough activities for small children while still offering adult comforts. The following are suggestions for planning the perfect family vacation with toddlers.

Hit the Beach

Beaches offer some of the best values for parents traveling with toddlers. Finding a condo to rent within your budget is relatively easy and access to the beach is free. Look for a beach that caters to families and is within driving distance of nearby attractions.

You can also keep your budget down by making a trip to the grocery store at the start of your trip. Pack lunches for the beach and eat breakfast and dinner at the condo a few times — your wallet will see a difference.

Go All-Inclusive

Resort companies like Beaches and Club Med are beginning to realize the allure of all-inclusive promotions catered toward families with small children. Features of these packages include kids programs, nanny services, child-specific food plans, and hotel suites designed with separate sleeping rooms. Perhaps most importantly, the cost of all-inclusive packages is up front, which will keep your budget from ballooning unexpectedly.

Pick a City

Another great option is to select a city (something within acceptable driving distance to minimize the potential fussing time) and explore for a couple of days. You can check out some museums, sample local flavors, and have a good time away from your daily routine. One tip: Look for a business suites hotel on a day when business people are less frequent, like Friday and Saturday. You can usually snag a good price on a decent-sized room.

Planning family vacations with toddlers may seem stressful, but if you choose the right destination and prepare accordingly, you will have a great time.

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