Traveling with Kids

Courtney Guggenberger
Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids can be a pretty stressful situation, and if you have decided to fly during your next trip or vacation, it can be even worse. Let's face it: kids gets can get cranky, tired, and loud, especially when confined to a small space like an airplane.

As a parent traveling with kids, it can be a challenge to keep your kids entertained while on a plane. But, for the sanity of your child, yourself, and the passengers surrounding you, it is necessary. Here are some tips on keeping your kids entertained while on a plane.

Coloring Book

One thing every kid loves is a good surprise. Before you board the plane or right as you get settled in your seat, surprise them by pulling out a new coloring book and a brand new box of crayons. Remember, even if your child prefers markers or paint, you need to keep the plane relatively mess free, so crayons are your best option.

If you really want to make them happy, consider purchasing some glitter crayons or a new type of crayon they have not used before.


No one really likes talking on a plane because everyone will hear you, but when you have kids, you have to keep them entertained, which sometimes means doing things you do not enjoy. Reading a book to a child could be the perfect thing to keep them quiet, calm, and entertained while on the plane.

Remember that your story time will be far less annoying to other passengers than your child screaming at the top of his lungs. If your child is at a reading age, bring along some of their favorite books and present them with one or two new books. This should work in everyone's favor.

Small Games

When you are looking for things to do on a plane or even a road trip, consider road trip board games. These are usually just miniature versions of the games we all love to play, like checkers. The pieces are typically magnetized so they will not fall off of the board if you hit a little turbulence in the middle of your flight.

If your child enjoys playing games at home, then he or she may enjoy playing games while in the air.

Portable DVD Player

Grabbing your kid's favorite DVD and putting it in a portable DVD player is one of the best ways to keep them entertained while on a plane.

If your child is the type that enjoys sitting down and watching a movie, then a portable DVD player is a perfect solution. Just make sure the volume is low enough that your child is the only one who can hear the movie, or bring along some child-friendly headphones for him to wear.


Sure, the flight attendants may provide you with snacks, but it may not be a snack your child enjoys or something you want them to have. Consider packing some healthy, kid-friendly snacks that they can munch on during the trip.

Snacks to consider packing include: gummy snacks, crackers, grapes and other fruit, granola bars, or carrot sticks. Think about packing a snack that you would offer your child in the afternoon after school.

Card Games

Whether you pack a standard deck of cards, Uno, or Old Maid, playing card games on the plane is a great way to keep your kid entertained and happy. To avoid overly loud excitement from your child, use your best discretion when deciding to bring a card game. If you do end up bringing a card game and your child gets rowdy, remind them to keep their voice low to help keep other passengers happy.

As you are preparing for your trip, remember that your kids will most likely get restless on the plane. The best way to deal with this is to be prepared. Entertaining your kids on an airplane does not need to be complicated. In fact, the simpler the better.

Remember that there are restrictions on what you can take on board and that you will not have very much room on the plane, so keep things small and compact. For more tips on traveling abroad with your family, check out this blog post.

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