Traveling with Your Toddler on an Airplane

Kristen Kaweck
Traveling with Your Toddler on an Airplane

Traveling with your toddler on an airplane is no small task. Being confined to their seat and not having all of the toys at the ready can leave any child frustrated and grumpy. Not to mention, the people around you probably will not enjoy it if your child is screaming and crying the entire time.

However, travel with your toddler does not have to be a painful or difficult experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your flight go smoothly:

Travel Off-Season

If at all possible choose times of the year in which flights are not fully booked. Off-peak seasons mean that you can find cheaper deals and there will be few people on the plane, which means you will probably get better seats.

Bring the Car Seat

The FAA recommends those with children under two to use a car seat when flying. The Administration cites that children have been seriously hurt during commercial flying, so do not take the risk.

Carry-On Toys

Be sure you pack toys and other things to keep your toddler pre-occupied while in flight. Make sure you do not pack noisy toys that might get on the nerves of other passengers

Check the Stroller at the Gate

Instead of taking the stroller on board with you, check it when you get to the gate. When you do this, the flight crew can have it ready for you when you get off the plane.

Be Mindful of Diapers

Others on the plane will not appreciate if you change a diaper in the middle lavatory. Instead use the one at the back of the plane.

Keep Snacks Handy

Toddlers tend to get cranky when they are hungry or thirsty. Be sure you pack some easy to eat snacks and have a couple of drinks handy for your child.

Adjust the Nap Schedule

Instead of hoping your child sleeps during the flight, start adjusting their naptime a few weeks before hand. Do not use medicine that has not been prescribed to your child to try and make them fall asleep.

Traveling with your toddler on an airplane may not be the most enjoyable way to travel, but by following these tips your trip is sure to go smoother. Do your best to keep your child healthy and happy as you travel. It's also a great idea to be mindful of the other passengers as best you can.

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