What To Do When Unemployed

Kelli Vorndran
What To Do When Unemployed

Search and apply for jobs online, update your LinkedIn Profile, make phone calls, repeat. That's been your morning process for the past two weeks. You're unemployed, so no one expects you to throw confetti in the streets.

But, hey, shake off that post-employment funk and click through helpful unemployment resources like health and wellness tips, state guidelines for unemployment filing, and even national statistics for unemployment rates by industry.

Tips to Create Your Action Plan Today

  • Assess your finances to determine your absolute debts and expenses, then create a budget
  • File for unemployment, but make job seeking a full-time job.
  • Be creative, and find alternatives to earning extra cash. Doing odd jobs, working part time, and selling items on eBay or at yard sales can offset the loss of income.
  • Update your resume. Highlight your skills, abilities and track record of longevity on jobs.
  • Join a job club for support, encouragement, and job leads.
  • Tap into your professional network for employment opportunities.
  • Your family can be a great source of support. Consider their advice and try to make time for family fun.
  • Keep an open dialogue with your children. Make sure they know it isn't anybody's fault.
  • Make children feel as if they are helping by cutting expenses. You may even allow them to take an after school job if they so desire.
  • Write about your feelings to get them off your chest.
  • Volunteer to maintain your sense of value and purpose.
  • Evaluate your health insurance needs to determine what kind of coverage you need. Keep in mind there are short-term health insurance programs that may help bridge the gap.

Explore New Career Fields

This is the perfect time for you to explore other careers that have always interested you. Maybe it is time for you to try giving the second career an opportunity. If you have always had a dream job, then this is the perfect time for you to go for it.

If you find yourself unemployed, you should not give up or beat yourself up too much. In fact, you should take the opportunity that unemployment provides you and make the most of it.

Here are some additional tips that can really help you along the way:

  • Take Some "You" Time—Being unemployed comes with many disadvantages, but it also provides you with a little bit of time. You should take a break and relax. It is easy to burn yourself out quickly, so take a little time before you start hunting for that new job—just do not take too long.
  • Build an Online Presence—Maybe your old job kept you too busy to complete your LinkedIn profile or maybe you weren't allowed to tweet. Now is the time to really start hitting the Internet and building a presence. This will help you build a stronger network and maybe even find your next job.
  • Join a Club—There are many clubs and organizations for adults that you can join and devote your time and skills to. These groups not only look good on your resume, but they provide you with a broader network that could lead to a new job.
  • Go Back to School—With all this new time on your hands, it might be the perfect time to go back to school and finish your degree or maybe even work toward something more advanced. Maybe there are some classes you can take to get a certificate that will help you in your career field. Whatever you choose to pursue, the benefits of more education will be well worth the effort.
  • Volunteer—If you do not want to spend the money on organization dues or education, then spend your time volunteering. Find a local youth center or other organization that uses volunteers. Take this time to impact your community and explore some of your interests in a low-pressure setting. You might even find a new passion that could lead to a whole new career.

No one likes the idea of being unemployed, but there are ways that you can make unemployment work for you. Try not to stress out too much and take every day as it comes. When you worry about your future too much, you may end up overlooking important opportunities as they pass.

Do not rush into the first job that comes your way, but instead take the time to learn and grow as a person and get back in the game when you feel like you have found something worth doing again.

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