What is Terrorism Coverage?

Eric Rosenberg
What is Terrorism Coverage?

In the world we live in today, bad things happen, including terrorist attacks in wonderful cities like Paris and Brussels. Sad incidents like these shouldn't discourage families from their summer travel plans, but it is important to be insured for the possible travel costs that can arise from an act of terrorism.


What is Terrorism Coverage?

Terrorism coverage can be purchased through a travel medical insurance policy or other travel insurance. This type of coverage is not standard with all travel-related insurance, so if you are interested in obtaining terrorism coverage, it is important to read the policy documentation to understand exactly what is (and what is not) covered.

Terrorism coverage is a specific benefit of travel medical insurance that covers medical costs related to terrorist attacks.

what is terrorism coverage

For example, Atlas Premium insurance offers medical coverage for the "treatment of injuries and illnesses relating from an act of terrorism, up to the limit set forth in the schedule of benefits and limits" if certain conditions are met. The current limit included in a standard Atlas Premium policy is $50,000.

Non-medical travel insurance policies may cover the costs of changing or cancelling travel arrangements or lost luggage due to a terrorism incident.

However, this is not the case in all situations, so be sure you understand what types of situations are covered.

How does travel medical insurance protect your family when traveling abroad? Find out here!


What Terrorism Insurance Does Not Cover

Terrorism insurance is not designed for people who want to go to notoriously dangerous places; rather, it is designed to cover medical costs resulting from an act of terrorism that occurs in a generally safe place.

Atlas Premium insurance specifically excludes coverage in countries where a United States government-issued travel warning has been in effect in the last 60 days. If the United States government issues a travel alert for a location while you are there, you have 10 days to depart before the insurance coverage expires.

To check U.S. Department of State travel warnings and travel alerts by type, date, and location, follow this link and enter your travel destination.

Terrorism coverage is specific to acts of terror and does not apply to acts of war or civil war between multiple countries or internal warring factions. It may also exclude specific events or types of attacks, such as nuclear, chemical, or biological weapon attacks.

what is terrorism coverage

The attacks in France and Belgium are prime examples of where this type of insurance coverage would benefit your trip. Examples of countries where you would not be covered include Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

For more information on typical exclusions for terrorism coverage in travel insurance, see this article from USA Today. According to the article, there are many common misconceptions about terrorism travel insurance coverage.

Situations where you need to read the policy documentation include:

  • Getting full refunds for travel costs on trips cancelled due to a terrorist attack
  • Medical coverage for injuries from terrorist attacks
  • Assistance leaving a country after a terrorist attack
  • Rumors and news stories regarding possible attacks
  • Government travel alerts and travel warnings and terrorism coverage


Where Can I Get Terrorism Coverage?

If you are leaving the country this summer or anytime in the future, protecting yourself and your family against financial loss due to potential terrorist attacks will allow you to relax and enjoy your vacation, rather than worrying about the unexpected.

Travel medical insurance that includes terrorism coverage can be cost effective. If you want to make sure your next trip includes terrorism coverage, look no further than Atlas Premium from WorldTrips—getting a quote takes just a few minutes!

Atlas Premium travel medical insurance is affordable, easy to purchase, and will help ensure peace of mind on your next vacation or business trip.

Both Atlas Travel and Atlas Premium policies also include Crisis Response coverage. Click here to find out why this is an essential benefit- and exactly what Crisis Response covers.

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