Working Overseas: 13 Websites to Find a Job Abroad

Molly Steckler
Working Overseas: 5 Websites to Find a Job Abroad

Are you interested in getting a job abroad, but have no idea where to start? Just as the internet has made the process of finding a job easier, it has also simplified the search for international work. 

Read on to discover how to begin your search for a job in another country with the help of 13 websites — all created to make your journey easier. 

Learn about the best websites for working abroad, the best websites for short-term work abroad, and the best websites for remote work abroad. Also, make sure to review our tips to help you get a job abroad before you start searching. 


Tips for Getting a Job Abroad and Working Overseas

  • Research the Country - Learn as much as you can about the country or region where you want to work. Consider researching crime ratescost of livingeducation (especially if you have kids), employment rightshealthcarepoliticstaxes, and visa requirements

  • Update and Localize Your Resume - Ensure your resume includes relevant information and adapt it to the standards for the country of your potential employment. 

  • Consider Your Network - Ask around to friends and family who might have worked or lived in different countries or who have connections to businesses located in different countries. 

  • Learn the Local Language - If you don't speak the local language, consider taking a language learning course or self-practicing to prepare you for the move. 

  • Consider a Foreign Transfer - Does your company have offices in different countries? See if you can transfer to one of those locations. 


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Best International Job Search Websites 

Choose from these websites to help you find your dream job abroad and learn about best practices to make the transition as easy as possible. 


1. Go Abroad 

Go abroad is a well-known educational and experiential international travel site. With a database of over 9,000 verified programs to choose from, it is an excellent source for people who want to work, volunteer, or study oversees. 

Select what kind of work you're seeking from one of the five categories: 


If you're overwhelmed by the number of options and are not sure how to choose one, just use the GoAbroad Online Advisor resource and fill out the questionnaire. GoAbroad will match you with programs that best suit your wants and needs. 

If you are interested in getting an English language teaching job, GoAbroad can also help you get certified beforehand. Choose from the selection of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses, which can be completed online. 


IMPORTANT! The vast majority of employers will not hire foreign English teachers who don't have a TEFL certification. Take the time to complete one of these certifications to increase your chances of getting a job teaching English abroad. 


two co-workers collaborating together while working overseas


2. Easy Expat 

Easy Expat is a website that was created by expats, for expats. It provides helpful resources for international relocation including advice for moving, living, and working abroad. 

Head to the Jobs section of the website for an expansive directory of international jobs. Then head to the Forum section (under the Community tab), a prominent part of the Easy Expat site. 

People from around the world use the forum to ask other expats questions about moving and living internationally. The forum is divided by country, allowing you to easily select your destination and get answers relevant to that location. Discover answers to questions about visas, ideas for holidays, local festivals, retirement options, and more from the forum. 

The Classifieds section also allows individuals to post about available apartments, babysitters, roommates, and more. 

Easy Expat provides many other helpful resources including:  


3. Go Overseas

Go Overseas is a valuable website for finding a job outside of your home country. Head to the Jobs section and select a category that best describes what you are looking for:


PRO TIP! Use the Guide to TEFL to help you find a TEFL course in order to teach English abroad.


Make sure you sign up to receive a list of new jobs every week in your email inbox too.

For tips and advice about traveling and working abroad, the GO Guidebook is the best spot. Read through articles answering many of the questions you may have.


4. Idealist

Idealist is a job board website focused on job opportunities all around the world. Idealist is a nonprofit organization started in 1995 and based in New York. 

Easily use the search bar at the top of the page to search for jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and more in your desired destination. Narrow your options by selecting from the list of criteria on the sidebar of the Jobs page

You can even sign up for email alerts for specific search criteria to know when new jobs are posted. Make sure to also sign up for an account with Idealist and add your resume so that recruiters can find you better. 

The Career Advice page is another helpful resource for information covering topics including: 


5. Overseas Jobs 

Begin your search at Overseas Jobs by typing in a job title or keyword and your desired location into the search bar at the home page. Or scroll down to see some of the most popular searches for ideas. You can even browse for jobs by location to help you discover opportunities you may not have considered. 

The Job Seeker Resource page features advice for writing cover letters, tips for international employment, and what's new in the news about overseas careers. 

Each country's directory features valuable resources for job seekers. Head to the Company Review page, accessible from the menu, to learn about employee experiences with companies around the world. This information can be especially helpful if you are unfamiliar with a company that piques your interest. 


6. Indeed Worldwide

The popular job search platform known as Indeed also hosts Indeed Worldwide, a platform for job postings from around the world. You can sign up for an account and upload your resume or CV to more easily apply to jobs in many international countries. 

Search for international jobs by selecting your country of choice from a list of 63 different countries. Narrow down your search criteria by job title and city to begin your search. Further narrow down the search using factors like job type, salary estimate, company, and more. 


PRO TIP! Sign up to get email notifications when new jobs are posted so you don't have to scroll through pages of jobs. 


The Find Salaries page for your desired country is another helpful resource to discover average salary rates for different jobs. This can help your job search and application process by ensuring you are adequately compensated. The Career Guide page is another valuable source to explore. This page features helpful articles covering topics including: 

  • Finding a job
  • CVs and cover letters 
  • Interviewing 
  • Pay & salary 
  • Starting a new job 
  • Career development 


woman sitting on the floor working on a computer looking for international jobs for americans


7. CEO Worldwide

People seeking executive-level jobs around the world should check out CEO Worldwide. The website was created to help connect international companies with potential executive-level employees around the world. 

Head to the Job Offers page to find a list of open positions in many different countries. Select an open position to read the job description and learn more about the company. 

For even more jobs that are on the non-disclosed list, apply to be iCEO vetted. Fill out your information including experience and references. Successful candidates will be offered profession opportunities that match their experience. 

Also, check out the International Executives Blog for advice from other experienced executives. Make sure to sign up for the blog and newsletter to get expert advice, papers, success stories, and videos from vetted executives and CEO Worldwide's partners. 


Best Websites for Short-Term Work Abroad 

You can search for short-term work opportunities (1-2 years or less) with these travel abroad websites. 



BUNAC was started in 1962 and features programs for working, traveling, and volunteering overseas. Previously known as British Universities North America Club, BUNAC is a member of the British Educational Travel Association (BETA) and the WYSE Work Abroad Association. 

BUNAC's programs last anywhere from two weeks to two years long. These programs are great opportunities to take part in during a gap year, summer break, or career break. 

BUNAC hosts programs in countries across the world. Find a program based in your work of choice - internship, working holiday, volunteer, summer camp, and teaching


PRO TIP! Head to the Scholarships & Awards page for a list of scholarships to help cover the cost of a program. 


The BUNAC Blogs page is a great resource for those with concerns and questions about traveling abroad. These blogs provide information about how to score an internship, how to write personal experience letters, and more. 


If you are considering a gap year, check out "What Is a Gap Year (and Why You Should Consider Learning Outside the Classroom)" to learn about your options for your gap year and how to take full advantage of the experience. 


9. Transitions Abroad 

Transitions Abroad started out as a print magazine in 1977 with the intention of sharing "practical information leading to a greater understanding of other cultures through direct participation in the daily life of the host community." 

The print magazine was retired in 2008, but the website has expanded into an immense database for those wanting to work, study, travel, or volunteer internationally. 

From the list of categories, select what kind of experience you want. Search for: 


The website also includes helpful resources for budget travel, family travel, independent travel, responsible travel, senior travel, and more. 


10. JAB

JAB (Jobs Abroad Bulletin) is a site created by two international backpackers who want to help other people "follow their dreams and work abroad." The website features paid jobs, volunteer opportunities, and cheap volunteer work for people wanting to live and work outside of their home country. 

Search for jobs by type or by country, sign up for the newsletter, and check out the list of latest jobs

Don't forget to browse through the blog for advice on traveling and working abroad from experienced travelers. 


overhead view of multiple laptops sitting on a table


Best Websites for Remote Work Abroad 

You may consider remote work in order to travel more freely around the world. Check out these websites to help you find remote jobs. 


11. We Work Remotely 

We Work Remotely (WWR) is a job board site like Indeed or Monster. 100% of the jobs posted on the site are remote jobs perfect for those wanting the freedom to work anywhere in the world. 

Select jobs from a variety of categories including programming, design, copywriting, customer support, sales and marketing, and more. You can also narrow down your results by selecting full time or contract roles

WWR features many other resources including: 

  • Top 100 Remote Companies - A list of top global remote companies with the highest posting rates on WRR

  • Remote Work Resources - A section that features reading material, tools, education, events, co-working communities, gear, and other helpful resources for remote workers

  • Learning Portal - A free learning portal with resources to help you grow your remote working career featuring a global Slack community, remote-focused events, member deals, templates, job alerts, and more 


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12. Working Nomads

Working Nomads was created by two working nomads who enjoy the freedom of getting to travel around the world while still working. This website allows professionals to connect with companies with open positions that would allow them the freedoms of the virtual nomad. 

Right from the Working Nomads home page you will find an expansive database of available positions. You are sure to find a job in your career field in this list. 

Narrow down your options by selecting from the list of categories: development, marketing, management, system administration, design, sales, writing, customer success, consulting, finance, administration, human resources, education, health care, and legal. 


Subscribe to the newsletter for daily or weekly job alerts related to your field of choice. 


13. is a helpful website that curates open remote positions of customer service, recruitment, design, sales, and more. Use the search bar to search by keywords or company names or select a specific job type. Scope out jobs ranging from entry-level jobs to freelance or contract jobs. 

Make sure you sign up for daily remote job alerts related to your search criteria. 

Check out the Remote Workers and Digital Nomads Q&A section for answers to hundreds of questions related to remote working and being a digital nomad. also has a curated list of online courses to browse. The site recognizes how competitive it can be to find remote work, so its curated list features skills learning courses relevant to many different fields. 


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