Top 50 Traveling Sites to Prepare for Your Dream Trip

Tee Corley
Top 50 Travel Websites to Prepare for Your Dream Trip

Planning for your dream vacation is a lot of work. You're investing in yourself by expanding your cultural horizons and taking time off from the chaos of daily life. Naturally, you want to make the most of it.

Our list of the best 50 travel websites and resources is designed to get you from point A to point B with minimal monetary investment (and maximum fun!). We've curated the best travel info sites and blogs to inspire, educate, and inform you.

Where will you go?


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Finding Your Ideal Destination with These Traveling Sites

You're setting out to plan the perfect getaway. Suddenly, it doesn't feel like such a small world, after all. In addition to going pin-crazy on Pinterest and looking for #travel accounts on Instagram, explore these destination-locating resources.



1. WanderFinder:

Welcome to your personal vacation matchmaker. WanderFinder helps you find the perfect destination to suit your style. Categorizing vacations by climate, budget, and types of activities, this website is your next vacation revelation.



Booking provides a jumping-off point based on your interests. With categories that include everything from top travel destinations for watching spring flowers bloom to vacations near a theme park, Booking is a thrill just to browse. It also facilitates online communities in popular destinations so you can connect with other travelers on the road.



Tell Tripzard your preferences and take the pain out of planning. Tripzard crafts ideal vacations for users based on their interests, budgets, and lodging preferences. It's an inspiring idea generator.


Choosing Your Lodging Experience with These Traveling Websites

There have never been more lodging options than there are today. You can always book a traditional hotel anywhere you go. But with vacation rentals, hostels, and homestays, you can get adventurous and save some money, too.

canvas-hotel-telemark-accommodations-in-norway travel sites




Hotels is a vast resource for finding hotels, resorts, and vacation rental properties. This site also boasts crazy deals thanks to its long-standing network of hoteliers. If you find you use this site regularly, you can sign up for rewards to maximize your stays.


5. LastMinuteTravel:

Maybe you've had a vacation idea planned for months, but you never got around to actually buying the tickets. Or, you just need to get out of town and onto a beach – STAT. Last Minute Travel offers deals on hotels on short notice, which is no easy feat. Members get even more savings.


6. HotelTonight:

For the even more desperate, HotelTonight offers day-of last-minute deals at top-rated hotels. Its Cool Rate Drop feature knocks down same-day prices after 3 p.m.


7. AlltheRooms:

AlltheRooms aggregates deals from multiple sites and showcases them in one place. Choose from hotel rooms, bed & breakfasts, vacation rental homes, apartments, cabins, boats, and other non-traditional accommodations.


Hotel Alternatives

8. Airbnb:

Perhaps the best-known site on our list of the top 50 travel websites, this popular tool connects you with apartments and homes for rent. If you prefer staying in a treehouse or a gypsy camper, Airbnb has you covered.


9. HomeAway:

Not interested in being confined to a hotel room? Book a whole house instead. HomeAway lists cabins, beach houses, condos, and more.


10. HostelWorld:

Staying in a hostel is a great way to meet other travelers. You'll sacrifice some privacy by staying in a hostel, but for some, the steep savings are worth it.


11. CampAGlam:

Also known as "glamping," glamour camping is a happy compromise for those of us who love the wilderness as much as we enjoy creature comforts. CampAGlam is a worldwide directory for luxury campsites. Listings include tents, tipis, log cabins, vintage caravans, and more.


12. Horizon:

Horizon is all about the power of community. By utilizing friends, friends of friends, and members of communities you belong to, Horizon helps you find a place to stay with someone you trust.


13. Couchsurfing:

Arguably one of the riskier housing options, Couchsurfing allows travelers to crash with a host for a few nights. Fortunately, the Couchsurfing community goes above and beyond to create a safe, supportive environment. And most hosts love to show travelers around!


Booking Transportation with These Travel Sites 

One of the biggest hassles of traveling is finding reliable and affordable transportation. These top travel sites for finding flights and vehicles will bring your comfort level up to cruising altitude.

airplane-flying-above-rome-italy traveling websites



14. Airfarewatchdog:

Get the best deals on airfare by searching and comparing rates at various sites through Airfarewatchdog. You can also set up alerts for deals on flights to specific locations.


15. AllegiantAir:

Allegiant Air offers low fares; nonstop, all-jet service; and premier travel partners. Allegiant is the way to go if you're looking for low-cost flights.


16. Flightfox:

Flightfox is a marketplace of flight experts dedicated to helping you get the best deals on airfare. According to reviews, the savings easily offset the cost of membership, which starts at $49. Membership connects you with an expert to coordinate complex travel itineraries and help you redeem your airline miles.


17. Skiplagged:

This site delivers "hidden city pricing." This refers to booking a flight where the layover city is your real destination. You can save a significant amount of money this way. Just remember not to check any luggage!


Simplifying Your Airport Experience

Don't let the hassles of the airport ruin your excitement about beginning your travel adventure. The following resources will help you overcome every airport-related obstacle.


18. Spot Hero:

This website helps you find and reserve hourly, monthly, and airport parking across the nation 


19. Clear:

Clear uses facial recognition software to verify you at the airport. No matter which airline you use, you can speed through airport security in less than five minutes.


20. Trusted Traveler Programs:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security offers several Trusted Traveler Programs that give members access to expedited processing and security screening at U.S. airports.


21. Worldwide Baggage Fee Chart:

Baggage fees add to the cost of travel and always seem to be changing. Check out this site to see current domestic and international bag fees.


22. TripIt:

This travel organizing app "automagically" transforms all your flight, hotel, and rental car confirmation emails into a master itinerary.


Ground Transportation

23. Travelmath:

Not sure if you should fly or drive? Travelmath's Trip Calculator compares the distance, time, and cost of driving vs. flying.


24. Uber:

Did you know Uber is available in over 60 countries and 400 cities worldwide? Often cheaper and more reliable than a taxi cab, Uber is a great way to get around (and get local suggestions from your driver!).


25. Turo Car Rental:

Turo allows you to rent a car from a person instead of a rental company. With a wide selection of vehicles across 56 countries, you can skip the lines and start driving sooner.


Travel Gear & Packing Traveling Websites

Checked bags are getting pricey. This list of travel websites focuses on how and what to pack to maximize limited space.




26. ExOfficio:

ExOfficio has become a popular clothing brand among travelers thanks to its efficient designs. They use lightweight, wrinkle-free fabrics with built-in bug, sun, and water protection. ExOfficio items have even won travel gear and innovation awards.



This brand features awesome clothing with a crazy number of pockets. The prices run high, but some of the pieces can hold the equivalent of a small carry-on, so they're well worth it. Plus, every day the Daily Sale features a different item at a great discount.


28. Ultimate Packing List:

With the help of this handy, printable checklist from, you'll never forget to pack all the essentials.


29. Ultimate Guide to Carry-On Luggage:

Compiled by, this list tells you each airline's restrictions for carry-on luggage size and weight, pets, mobility assistive devices, and infant seats.


30. Pack like a Pro:

This video tutorial teaches you how to pack your bag "clown-car" style.


Language, Culture, & Etiquette Travel Sites

Your plans are in place. Now comes the fun of anticipating your trip and preparing yourself for adventure. These are the top travel websites for getting familiar with your destination before you arrive.



31. Wikitravel:

Wikitravel is an excellent resource for learning about your destination's culture, figuring out how to get from the airport to the city, determining which local foods are not to be missed, and discovering what to watch out for in terms of safety.


32. Google Translate:

Type a word or phrase into the dialogue box to translate it into the language you select. Google Translate works with over fifty different languages.


33. Swissotel:

The ultimate guide to worldwide etiquette, this site gives you the do's and don'ts for every culture. Study up to blend in wherever you go.


34. Commisceo Global:

This website offers up cultural information on over 80 countries. Learn about the language, beliefs, etiquettes, business practices, and food of your destination before you set sail on your trip.


Travel Budgeting (& Budget Travel)

Don't let the expense of travel keep you from exploring the world. From earning free airline miles to working abroad, the following resources include impressive suggestions on how to make travel more affordable.




Learn how to travel on a shoestring budget. Download our Ultimate Guide to Budget Travel now.


Awards Programs

35. Barclay Card:

Earn miles with every purchase and easily redeem them to cover your travel expenses. With Barclay, your airline miles never expire.


36. Chase Sapphire Card:

The Sapphire card is a very sleek and popular card among travelers. You can transfer points to participating frequent travel programs at full value.


37. Proud Money:

Adam, author of the finance website Proud Money, reviews the best travel credit cards of the year. 


Travel the world on a budget with the Ultimate Guide to Budget Travel!

Saving (or Making) Money While You Travel

38. Google Voice:

Avoid international rates by making and receiving calls abroad for free with Google Voice.


39. 10 Secrets to Ultra-Cheap Travel:

Read up on 10 ways to stretch every dollar of your travel budget.


40. 42 Ways You Can Make Money and Travel the World:

From affiliate marketing to editing English signs and menus, this post from shares a variety of ways you can make a living as you travel the world.


41. House Sit:

Enjoy a free retreat by becoming a house and pet sitter. Sits range from a weekend to a year.


Staying Safe with These Travel Sites

The thought of venturing into the unknown draws people to travel. Ironically, that same thought also deters people from traveling. Anytime you plan to visit an unfamiliar area, you should consider taking safety precautions. Here are the best ways to protect yourself and your belongings.



42. Travel Medical Insurance 101:

Do you know if your regular medical insurance covers you overseas? Travel medical insurance is designed to cover emergency health care costs you might incur while vacationing abroad. 

This resource section from our website will help you understand why you may need travel medical insurance for your trip, how it works, and how to choose the best policy for you.

Smart travelers understand the importance of having coverage for unexpected expenses resulting from injury or illness abroad. Atlas Travel insurance is budget-friendly and customizable travel health coverage for international travelers. Learn more about Atlas Travel here.


43. Pickpocket Warning Signs:

Pickpockets target unsuspecting tourists. This resource will help you avoid falling for these common tricks.


44. 20 Ways to Stay Safe and Prevent Theft While Traveling:

Have you ever considered carrying a decoy wallet? That's just one great tip shared by worldwide traveler Benny Lewis of Read the post for more ways to stay safe while you travel.


Traveling internationally means exploring new territory. Prepare for unexpected by downloading our Ultimate Guide to International Travel.


Travel Blogs & Inspiration

Getting excited for travel is half the fun. Live vicariously through those who have gone before you. You're bound to end up with some new bucket list ideas.



45. Fodor's:

Fodor's has been inspiring trip ideas since 1949. If you're looking for stimulating travel articles and foreign food for thought, you can't miss this travel blog.


46. Atlas Obscura:

Add the odd to your adventure by seeking out strange and unusual locations. Straying from the beaten path of tourist destinations, Atlas Obscura goes out of the way — literally — to locate bizarre but intriguing destinations.


47. Intelligent Travel:

Since its founding in 1888, the National Geographic Society has earned a sterling reputation for inspiring wonder about the richness and variety contained in the wider world. The Intelligent Travel blog, written by the staff of National Geographic, is dedicated to covering authentic culture and sustainable tourism.


Adventure Travel

48. The Expert Vagabond:

Get more out of your travel by incorporating adventure. This photograph-heavy blog provides stories, ideas, tips, and breath-taking imagery to get your feet itching for an adventure of your own.


49. The Planet D:

Think adventure travel is just for rock climbers and mountaineers? The Planet D will inspire you to think again. Declaring that "travel is for everyone," this blog offers adventure travel ideas for all walks of life.


50. Good Nature:

For those of us who love the world's wilderness, Good Nature provides insights into the top expeditions for nature lovers.


Happy Trails to You

With the top 50 travel websites at your disposal, we hope you've gained some valuable insights for your next adventure. Travel should be fun, not stressful. By reading this list of the best travel info sites, you're already more prepared than most.

Now go out and explore! 

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