27 Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Guide Your Green Adventures

Maddie Beadle

Searching for a way to minimize your footprint while adventuring abroad? Look no further – we’ve raked through the top eco-friendly travel resources to bring you the cream of the crop.

These blogs present all the tips and inspiration you need to leave a positive impact on the communities you visit.


1. Every Steph

In her lifestyle and travel blog, Every Steph, Italian native Stefania Guglielmi combines glamour with eco-friendly travel. She truly lives by the motto “green is the new black.” 

Travelers who never leave home without their favorite lipstick or reusable straw will love that Steph’s blog compromises neither style nor sustainability. If you dream of eco-friendly bliss, Steph’s luxury treehouse recommendations will have you packing your bags in no time.


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2. EcoTraveller Green Travel Guide

Bitten by the travel bug as a thirteen-year-old backpacking through Switzerland, Linda of EcoTraveller has been around the world and back. Through her travels, she became aware of the negative impacts of globetrotting, which inspired her to discover and share alternatives to over-trodden tourist destinations. Linda also reveals some of her favorite responsible travel solutions for solo travelers, couples, and families. 

This beautiful blog showcases some of the world’s most breathtaking eco-lodges, hostels, and luxury resorts. In addition to these hideaways, you’ll also find Linda’s suggestions on unique experiences around the globe, from cruises to cycling.


3. The Uprooted Rose

Born-and-raised San Franciscan Rose Cornwell was heartbroken after discovering the detrimental environmental impact of tourism. In response, she began her beautifully designed blog, The Uprooted Rose, to guide nature lovers in traveling responsibly.

Prepare to be amazed as Rose introduces you to the world’s first and only cactariumSantiago's delicious vegan empanadas, and Bariloche’s best free hikes.

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4. Green Global Travel

Meet Bret and Mary, a world-traveling couple passionate about wildlife, conservation, ecotourism, and the potential of these activities to help save the planet.

Their extensive travel guides, conservation posts, and chronicles of their ecotourism expeditions (all accompanied by gorgeous photos) will inspire your travels and passion for protecting this earth.


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5. Small Footprints, Big Adventures

Emma of Small Footprints, Big Adventures wears many hats: wife, mother, writer, teacher, traveler, environmentalist, and the list goes on. Follow this super-mama as she shares her family’s experiences in traveling the world while transitioning to a greener lifestyle.


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6. Girl About the Globe

Ready to travel solo? Looking for the confidence to go? Enter Girl About the Globe. This girl-power blog goes “beyond the pretty Instagram pictures” to cover everything you’ll need to make your solo travel dream a reality.

You’ll discover safety advice and information on local issues as well as recommendations on volunteer organizations, tours, and accommodations. To get started, explore Girl About the Globe’s inspirational first-time solo travel resources.


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7. Good Nature Travel

As the official nature and travel blog of Natural Habitat Adventures and the World Wildlife Fund, Good Nature Travel features photos and reports on fascinating wildlife and amazing natural places around the world, all with an emphasis on conservation.

Every Friday, the award-winning blog spotlights a wildlife photo of the week, introducing readers to Patagonian pumasdazzles of zebras, and Costa Rican quetzals.


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8. Soul Travel

Ellie and Ravi champion positive impact tourism with the goal of making the world a better place. They guide sustainably-minded globe-trotters in traveling responsibly and connecting themselves with the earth. 

Soul Travel demystifies sustainable travel, offering clear information, tips, and sustainable travel options for every budget. Pop by the blog to explore Ellie and Ravi’s travel guidestrain travel adventures, and experiences with yoga and mindful travel.


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9. The Crowded Planet

After years of backpacking around the world, husband-and-wife team Margherita and Nick received an overwhelming number of requests for travel advice from friends.

In response, the couple began a small blog to efficiently share their tips. The blog quickly grew from a means of communicating with friends to a widely known resource for adventure travel.

Visit their blog for the inside scoop on Milan (Margherita’s hometown), hiking tips and destinations, and responsible travel tales.


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10. Ethical Traveller

Award-winning Irish Times journalist Catherine Mack is the author behind Ethical Traveller, a blog that offers articles, guides, and gear recommendations for world travelers. With her master’s degree in responsible tourism management, Catherine provides an informed and entertaining perspective on responsible ecotourism.


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11. Charlie On Travel

Charlie and her life companion, Luke, slowly travel the world, house-sitting and hunting for the best local vegetarian cuisine as they go. Charlie’s blog is full of useful budgeting and eco-friendly resources, including packing lists, destination-specific travel budgets and costsinsights on the best local cuisine, and locally-owned accommodation recommendations.


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12. Amanda’s Wanderlust

A travel-lover since childhood, blogger Amanda strongly believes in the power of travel to broaden your mind and enrich your life. And she has the travel record to prove it – 28 countries and counting!

As an environmental management practitioner, however, Amanda became acutely aware of the carbon footprint her travels left behind. Determined to make a change, she set out to find ways to travel more responsibly. 

Explore her blog for unique sustainable travel stories and tips – ranging from advice on staying at organic farms to guidance on supporting the local economy during your travels.


13. Chasing Travel

Former TV journalist Cristina turned down her dream job (twice!) to travel the world full-time. Now she enjoys settling into new places around the globe, embracing other cultures, and discovering delicious coffee along the way. Cristina’s blog, Chasing Travel, will present you with fun reads on fair-trade espressosleeping in a bamboo hut, and Haitian cuisine.


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14. Travel For Wildlife

Meet cross-cultural couple Hal and Cristina, whose relationship began when Cristina emailed Hal about his famous photos of a leopard killing a crocodile. Join this fascinating pair on their award-winning blog to learn about responsible wildlife travel, discover the best destinations for sustainable wildlife tourism, and browse their amazing photography of wildlife encounters.


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15. The Man in Seat Sixty-One

The Man in Seat Sixty-One aims to inspire and enable travelers to hop aboard a train, rather than relying on carbon-spewing planes for their next adventure. This experienced locomotive patron offers exhaustive information on traveling the UK and Europe by train and other forms of public transport.

The site also includes resources for train travel in Asia, Africa, North America, and Oceania. Jam-packed with helpful links, instructions, and news updates, The Man in Seat Sixty-One is your ultimate guide for green travel planning.


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16. SmarterTravel

Minimize your impact on the environment while you travel with SmarterTravel’s collection of green travel resources. As one of the largest travel sites on the web, TripAdvisor’s SmarterTravel helps bargain-hunting travelers find the best deals and destinations. This site also offers helpful tips for sustainable travel


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17. Justin Plus Lauren

Lauren, the writer behind Justin Plus Lauren, became an avid traveler after she began exploring the globe with her boyfriend, Justin. Lauren’s blog is full of inspiring travel videos and fantastic recommendations on plant-based cuisine around the world. Visit Lauren’s blog for insightful advice and stories – but know you’ll catch the travel bug while you’re there!


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18. Once Upon a Saga

Torbjørn Pedersen is traveling to every country in the world – without taking a single flight. His blog documents his ground-bound travels around the globe, meeting fascinating people from nearly every culture on earth. Peruse his collection of stories as he encounters new cultures on his flightless mission.


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19. Travel with Kat

Kat Burrington is a West Sussex native whose degrees in zoology, psychology, graphic design, and photography bring a unique perspective to sustainable travel. Her love of worldwide adventure quickly became an obsession, incidentally leading her to become the first and only individual honored with the AITO Responsible Tourism Award (which is normally given to companies).

Explore Kat’s blog to find a delicious collection of the recipes she gathers on her journeys, a list of her favorite tried-and-true travel gear, and an abundance of recommendations for destinations across the globe.


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20. Breathedreamgo

Breathedreamgo founder Mariellen Ward is a longtime yoga student, solo female travel advocate, and travel writer. She launched her “transformational travel guide” in 2009 in hopes of sharing her love of India with the West. While her expertise is travel in India, Mariellen has expanded her site to include stories and guides for destinations around the globe.

In addition to wellness tips and destination-specific recommendations, Breathedreamgo also includes an extensive responsible travel category to help guide you in mindfully touring the world.


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21. The Green Pick

Fanny and Denis have been adventure-seekers since they left home at sixteen. Their blog shares their journeys, with a focus on authenticity, responsibility, and self-awareness. This pair shows readers that they, too, can travel responsibly by simply making more intentional choices.

To jump-start readers’ sustainable travels, The Green Pick offers guidebooks, hotel and restaurant reviews, and suggested itineraries.


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22. Ethical Traveler

This nonprofit organization empowers travelers to protect human rights and the environment by harnessing the economic power of tourism. Visit this informative site to browse a list of ethical destinations, register for small group tours, and access recent travel news dispatches.


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23. Green Means Go Travel

Journalist and content strategist Vanessa McGrady is willing to admit that nobody’s eco-perfect. She writes honestly about her mission to live a meaningful, thoughtful life on her blog, Green Means Go Travel. Vanessa’s blog integrates travel and lifestyle tips to bring you a wide variety of content, from advice for finding healthy sunscreen to stories of volunteerism in the Dominican Republic.


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24. Green Suitcase Travel

This self-described collection of artists, thinkers, and like-minded individuals encourages readers to “travel on purpose” and provides the resources to help them do so. Whether you’re looking for discussion on intriguing questions, like whether it’s possible to have an ethical shark dive, or you need help finding the best sustainable travel apps for your phone, Green Suitcase Travel has you covered.                   

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25. Greenloons

If you’re hunting for trusted eco-friendly vacation options, look no further than Greenloons. This site is committed to providing authentic, transparent, and sustainable global travel experiences.

It connects travelers with certified guiding companies and accommodations that have been verified as focusing on “the triple bottom line of social empowerment, economic viability, and environmental responsibility.”

You can explore the site’s green vacation collection for awe-inspiring, eco-friendly experiences or visit its eco blog for sustainable travel stories from around the globe.                 

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26. Green Around the Globe

Keith and Amy Sutter saw an opportunity to reinvent their careers during the Great Recession of 2008-09 and took an “adult gap year” to pursue their dream of traveling the world.

Their year abroad took them to 18 countries and five continents, where they witnessed the ways local businesses embrace sustainability. Consider Keith and Amy’s insights in these case studies.


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27. Green Traveler Guides

This award-winning green travel website and e-guide publisher helps readers “discover how to travel with undiminished joy and, at the same time, leave the lightest footprint.” Green Traveler Guides provides in-depth guides and resources for an extensive list of destinations and a thorough checklist of practical to-dos to make your next trip eco-friendly.

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Feeling Inspired? We Sure Are!

For more on green travel, investigate the pros and cons of ecotourism.

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