How to Survive Missing Meds and Lost Checked Luggage

Bekah Wright
How to Survive Missing Meds and Lost Checked Luggage

This blog is part of our accident-prone tourist series. It features letters inspired by real-life travel mishaps faced by frequent international traveler Bekah Wright.

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Dear WorldTrips,

Ireland is lovely and I'm having a great time here. There's been a small snafu, however. Not only has my luggage gone missing, but so have some vital medications.

Here's what happened:

A country sojourn was scheduled on my itinerary. A flight from Dublin to a small-town airport went off without a hitch. I spent time in a castle among acres and acres of stunning green landscape. Needless to say, the beauty of it all put me in a very relaxed mood. All too soon, it was time to return to the city (not that that's a bad thing, mind you).

In a laid-back mood, I arrived at the small-town airport, put my luggage on the conveyor belt, and started through the security gate. The officer there immediately sent me back to the luggage area – no carry-ons would be allowed onboard the flight. I was confused. I was following the exact same protocol as I had with the flight that had brought me to the countryside. Shouldn't the flight back to the city have the same rules and regulations? Apparently not.

It wasn't until I was aboard the flight that I developed an uneasy feeling. There were things on my carry-on that were imperative to the trip, not the least of which were my medications. I calmed myself with the fact that the flight back to Dublin was a short one. All luggage would most likely be handed straight over on the tarmac.

Well, as you know from the beginning of this letter, that's not what happened. And now I'm in Dublin with no luggage, no medication, and several days of sightseeing ahead of me. The airline is trying to track down the missing items, but there's been no progress as of yet. What should I do in the interim?


The Accident-Prone Tourist

P.S. Thinking I should've kissed Ireland's Blarney Stone when I had a chance. If its legend holds true, maybe I'd have been able to smooth talk security into letting me take my carry-on aboard the plane.


Dear Accident-Prone Tourist,

Don't let these circumstances dampen your love of Ireland! We hope your luggage makes its way back to you in short order, and intact. In the meantime, let's tackle the issue of your missing prescription medications right away.


Re: Replacing Your Prescription Medications

Our Atlas Travel medical insurance plan provides travel assistance services through our World Service Center. One particularly relevant service is prescription drug replacement. We work with On Call International, a travel risk management company, to assist you in replacing prescription medications lost while traveling.

On Call International recommends that you first visit a clinic or physician who could provide you with a local prescription. If the prescribed medication is not available, or if it’s sold under a different name, On Call International can provide a list of safe, alternative drugs for your condition.

Depending on local customs laws in Dublin, On Call International may even be able to help ship your prescriptions directly to you. While the service does not cover the cost of replacing your missing medications, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to deal with getting them replaced all on your own.

Our customer service team can be reached at (800) 605-2282. View other travel assistance services that accompany your Atlas plan.

If should you go the first route and need to schedule a new-patient appointment, we can help you locate the appropriate local healthcare professional. Simply visit our “Find a Doctor Page” or phone us at 1-800-605-2282 or 1-317-262-2132.


Re: Your Lost Checked Luggage

As for your clothing and other lost items, the fact that WorldTrips Atlas policies provide coverage for lost checked luggage will ease your concerns. Our Atlas Travel policy provides up to $1,000 in coverage. This benefit isn’t subject to your deductible.

This Lost Checked Luggage benefit reimburses you for the replacement of clothes and personal hygiene items—not to exceed $50 on any one item—if your checked luggage is lost for at least 10 days. You must provide proof that you have filed a formal claim with your transportation provider and provide a written statement from the transportation provider confirming the luggage remains missing.

Feel free to give us a call for further clarification, or if you have additional questions, at 1-800-605-2282.



P.S. Martin in our offices kissed the Blarney Stone. Though he's quite the silver-tongued gent, even he couldn't have convinced airport security to go against regulations if carry-ons weren't permitted on a flight.

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