How to Travel the World and Still Make Money

Eric Rosenberg
How to Travel the World and Still Make Money

World travel can be an exciting and eye-opening venture, but many people feel that it is too expensive or difficult to be a feasible option. That doesn't have to be the case, however, as there are plenty of opportunities and career options that make world travel a reality for people of all budgets and backgrounds.


Types of Jobs for a Travel-Friendly Lifestyle

There are many types of jobs that allow you to travel the world while you work, such as online, in-person, seasonal, tourism-focused, and travel-based jobs. The following jobs have a large variety of opportunities for the average international worker.


how to work while travelinghow to work while traveling

how to work while travelinghow to work while traveling


Online Freelance Work

The term "digital nomad" has made its way into our culture as online jobs have gone from occasional blogging gigs to the mainstream. Writers, photographers, videographers, and other content creators have found the internet an ideal outlet for creativity and an excellent source for income, particularly if you are living in an inexpensive country.



If you have native-level English skills and know how to properly use a comma, you can find jobs teaching English abroad. A certification, like TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA will make your job search much easier. Popular destinations for teaching English include Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.


Seasonal Work

If you're interested in moving with the (tourist) seasons as you travel the world, then temporary, seasonal work might be for you! Seasonal jobs include work on campgrounds, on boats, and at resorts, and tend to be in high demand for short periods of time. In order to secure a job, reminds you to "get to your destination well before the season starts" to ensure that "all the good jobs" are not already taken.



If you have ever been on a cruise excursion or taken an English-language tour in a non-English speaking country, you have most likely come into contact with an American expat. While specific skills like SCUBA, snorkeling, rock climbing, and cycling may open more doors, anyone dependable with solid English skills and customer service experience can find a job as a tour guide, hostel worker, or in the office of a successful tourism-focused business. If you want room and board included, consider working on a cruise ship!

Traveling with your significant other? Check out these top jobs for couples abroad!


Resources to Find Location-Independent Jobs

If you are sold that the travel lifestyle is right for you, the next stop is actually finding that perfect job abroad. While you may get lucky and find that you can make a connection after arrival, it is best to figure out what you are going to do before you leave home.


how to work while traveling


Check Out the Following Job Search Resources:


Budget Travel Tips for Living and Working Abroad

When you land in your new country, it's easy to forget that those colorful bills are really money, and that you need to live on a budget just like you do in the United States.

Fortunately for Americans, living in places like Latin America and Southeast Asia can be very inexpensive. As Benny Lewis points out, if you can save $10 per day, you can cover the entire monthly rent for a hut on the beach in India or Thailand.

When living abroad, DO follow these tips:

When living abroad, DO NOT:

  • Overdo it spending at bars and restaurants
  • Blow your hard-earned cash on junky souvenirs
  • Overspend at tourist traps

Check out these 4 tips for global travelers on a budget!


Don't Forget the Logistics

There is a lot to take care of in order to make your time abroad work. First, you need to have a legal right to work in the country you are visiting. You generally cannot work with a tourist visa, so make sure your employer is willing to sponsor you for a work visa, or that you are going to a country where that is not required.

how to work while traveling

Health insurance is not automatic when traveling around the world, and getting sick abroad can be very expensive. Make sure you have your travel medical needs covered with a trustworthy, quality insurance plan.

A great option for any worker abroad is Atlas Travel insurance, a travel medical insurance plan that keeps you safe when the unexpected strikes. Don't risk your trip, health, and finances when going abroad. Make the smart decision and travel with Atlas Travel insurance on standby for your unexpected medical needs.


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