Jobs On the Rise for College Graduates

Randee Portteus
Jobs On the Rise for College Graduates

One of the hardest parts about searching for jobs for recent graduates is making sure you find a position that you enjoy and one that will provide you with enough income to cover your expenses. You should realize that not every major or degree prepares you for jobs on the rise or jobs that are going to make you enough money.

For example, some of the lowest-paying jobs in the United States are in the fields that involve fine arts, drama, music, philosophy, and social work.

However, just because you have spent time studying these subjects does not mean you will not find any work or that you cannot make a career in another field. In some cases, you may find a way to make a living off of those degrees. It is important, while you are searching for a job after graduation, to know what career fields and jobs are on the rise and are going to be easy to find.

What to Expect While Searching for a Job

For many recent graduates, the job search process is going to be something new, and, because of its unfamiliarity, it has the potential to be overwhelming. While everyone has a slightly different experience while searching for a job, there are certain characteristics and challenges you can expect to face along the way.

To help prepare yourself for those challenges, you should know what they are before you begin the process. Here are some of the challenges you may potentially come up against as you search for and begin applying to jobs.


One of the most common challenges that recent graduates face as they are looking for a job is oversaturation of candidates in the job market. Because so many students graduate at the same time, there are a lot of different people going after the same jobs. Unfortunately, because the economy is still in recovery, there are many people of all ages and abilities looking for jobs, which adds to the oversaturation.

This causes you to experience even more difficulty while looking for a job. The best way to deal with oversaturation is to make sure you have qualities and experiences that help you stand out.


Unfortunately, as a recent graduate you may be deemed underqualified for the jobs you want. Whether it is an effect of the overly saturated candidate field or the fact that you really are under qualified, this is a real issue that you will likely face while searching for a job. As a result, you might find out that the job search process is a little rough.

One way to combat this particular challenge is to accept an entry-level position or an internship opportunity right after you graduate. Doing this will provide you with the experience you need to land the job you really want.

Lack of Opportunities

Another challenge you are most likely going to face while searching for a job is just a general lack of opportunities available to you. Certain career fields simply do not have many job openings, and certain job markets in certain cities are currently lacking, which means you are going to struggle as you search for jobs.

One way to deal with this situation is to set your search parameters to a much wider field, meaning you should consider searching for open job positions in cities other than the one in which you are currently living. By doing this, you may find that you have to move, but moving for a job is a great reason to move, as long as the job is worth it.


Another challenge you may face while searching for your job is that you may be forced to take a position that leaves you underemployed. Underemployment usually means that you will have a job, but it will not offer you the compensation or the benefits you may desire. Pay could be an hourly wage or a weekly stipend, and it may not cover all of your expenses.

You need to understand that being underemployed is a reality that many recent graduates face, and in the long run this job position will most likely lead to a better job down the road.

Which Jobs to Apply For

Another key aspect of job hunting is knowing the jobs for which you should apply. There are certain job fields that are no longer really viable options for many graduates. However, almost every year certain jobs are on the rise, and as someone who recently graduated, you should be up-to-date on which fields are hiring more than others.

Many jobs, such as those in the architecture, fine arts, and history fields have high unemployment rates, so, if possible, you should try to avoid them. Here are some of the current jobs on the rise.

Software Developer

While this is a very specialized field, and it could take some time getting into a stable career, being a software developer is a great job to have. Many feel that software development will continue to be a viable job option. Because software development is an essential part of product development, there is a rising number of job opportunities.

Being a software developer allows you to combine your other interests and passions and create applications that interest you. This is booming industry because of the technology and Internet industries.

Environmental Engineer

While being an engineer of any kind usually means you are going to easily find employment after graduation, one particular engineering field that is currently on the rise is environmental engineering. As an environmental engineer, you will have the opportunity work in a variety of different fields.

Some of the more common areas of focus include air quality control, waste management, public health, recycling, industrial hygiene, sustainability, and water quality control.

Digital Marketing/Social Media

You may think that all the hours you spend on the Internet, Facebook, and Twitter are just a waste of time. But this could actually lead to a really good job. While it is a little more complicated than just checking your newsfeed, working in digital marketing is becoming a career on the rise. Because so much of the world now has access to the Internet, and many people use social media to keep in touch, access news sources, and learn about new goods and services, many companies are taking their marketing campaigns online.

That calls for a lot of content.

So companies need people to manage and create content and strategies for their social media sites. If you are interested in how this field works or want to learn more about engaging with people while representing a brand, then maybe this is a field for you.

Financial Analyst

If you like helping people make smart investments or think you may enjoy that job, becoming a financial analyst may be the best way for you to grow. From 2010 to 2016, the need for financial analysts is expected to grow by 34%. Those are numbers that you can rely on, and it may be a good choice to invest in becoming a financial analyst.

Where to Find Jobs

Another aspect of job hunting is knowing where job markets are actually inviting. This may sound slightly ridiculous or far-fetched, but not every city is a great location for job opportunities. In some cases, your search for a job may cause and force you to actually move to a new city.

No matter your situation, it is important that you understand that finding the right job for you could possibly mean moving. You need to be willing to move in order to find a job. Here are some cities that you might want to consider looking into in order to find a job.

  • Seattle, Washington: Located in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle provides recent graduates with a number of great industries to work in. As a one of the bigger cities on the West coast, you will find great culture and opportunities to explore. You will find jobs for engineers and administrators in a wide variety of career sectors.
  • Austin, Texas: Austin, Texas, known for its live music and festivals, is actually home to some of the best tech jobs in the country. While everyone talks about Silicon Valley, Austin is quietly working away and catching up. This city also offers opportunities in healthcare, professional services, and manufacturing.
  • Phoenix, Arizona: With so much to do, Phoenix offers a lot for recent graduates. If you enjoy the outdoors and want to live amidst a booming economy, then this is a great place for you to consider living. Here, you will find a majority of the jobs and careers have something to do with tourism, but you will also find jobs in healthcare and government.

Knowing which career fields are looking for eager candidates should inform your job search. Remember, just because you majored in a certain field does not mean you are bound to a profession in that field. Many of your skills are transferable and applicable to many other jobs.

You should also keep in mind that moving to a new city to find work could be on the horizon. So, think about what you would like to do, and find a city that offers careers in that sector. Good luck!

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