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There’s a Group Travel Tour for Every Type of Traveler

Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, or with multigenerational family members, joining a group travel tour can make your trip even more enjoyable and memorable. Today's top group travel companies have you covered, whether you’re looking for adventure, luxury, or something in between. Let's take a closer look at some of the current favorites when it comes to group travel companies.

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Group Travel Tours

Traveling is back on the agenda again for many people, and we couldn't be more excited. People wanting to avoid as much stress as possible in today’s uncertain times may want to consider group travel tours. These tours take most of the planning process off your shoulders by creating a set itinerary for you and your travel companions.

Group travel tour packages are available in a variety of different forms, including basic travel packages, tour packages with airfare included, and all-inclusive vacation packages perfect for 2023 and beyond. Vacation packages in the U.S. are also available for those wishing to stay closer to home.

Perhaps the most important decision when making this type of travel plan is choosing the right travel company that aligns with your travel style and meets your travel needs. Determine which travel company is the right one for you by taking your time and opening yourself up to all of the available options.

Are you a solo traveler? Don’t feel like you’re left out of the equation when it comes to group travel tours. You can join a group tour marketed specifically to solo travelers.

Group travel tours allow solo travelers to experience the adventure and excitement of travel while enjoying the safety and comfort of traveling with a group.


Group Travel Companies

One way to learn about the best group travel companies is by word of mouth. Start by asking friends and family members—and even work colleagues—about their experiences. There is a lot to learn from others who have traveled in this way, both good and bad.

Find out what they liked and didn't like about the group travel company they used and the particular trip they took. Though personal recommendations are useful, bear in mind that everyone's tastes and needs are different. Consider recommendations from friends as just one part of your research into group travel companies and tours.

You can also explore “best of” lists from travel websites and travel blogs. Here are some examples:

Next, check out travel sites such as Fodors and Trip Advisor that have very robust forums populated with travelers very willing to share their personal experiences using travel groups. Online forums provide the opportunity to communicate directly with fellow travelers about their experiences to help you get started with your research. Seek out these websites to better understand what they are like from unbiased sources. Once you have narrowed your search down to a few contenders, it's time to dig a bit deeper.

Review each company’s website and read about the different group travel packages they offer. Some companies may offer just a few tour options while others may feature a large variety of options. Make sure you have a list of “must-haves” for your trip on hand while you are researching. If you establish a definitive list of requirements, it will make things that much easier when it’s time to choose your travel company.

Some examples of questions you might want answers to when you’re between group tours and tour companies are:

  • How long has the company operated in this area of the country or the world?
  • Are there any accommodations for older people, kids, or people with disabilities?
  • Is there an additional fee for solo travelers?
  • How well-informed are the guides?
  • What is the average size of the tour groups?
  • Is this tour recommended for solo travelers?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Are accommodations, flights, local transportation, meals, and/or guides included?
  • What travel insurance requirements does the tour or the country have?

Make a travel companies list and narrow it down based on your personal requirements. The best tour companies are well-organized and very clear about what type of experience they provide. It's always best to know what to expect before you leave home, whether you’re looking for a boutique experience or wish to book with one of the world’s biggest travel companies.

While researching, don’t hesitate to contact a travel group company directly if you have more questions and cannot find the answers on their website. Make sure you have a list of questions ready and a place to take notes if you plan on calling a group travel company’s helpline.

Next, we'll explore three of today's most sought-after group travel companies. These companies offer tours that are designed for solo travelers, families, and friend groups who are looking to get out there and explore the world. Peruse their sites and see if one might be the perfect fit for you.


Intrepid Travel

Looking to travel with a small group? Intrepid Travel could be a great match for you. Intrepid Travel destinations span the globe, whether you’re looking to go to Australia or somewhere closer to home. Intrepid Travel focuses on small group tours that are sustainable and feature knowledgeable guides.

Because this is an adventure tour company, it may not be the best fit for everyone. However, Intrepid Travel is one of the few companies that visit Antarctica. Travelers seeking a more tropical destination can check out the Intrepid Travel Philippines bookings, or review Intrepid Travel Hawaii excursions.

COVID-19 is still on a lot of people's minds, especially when they are considering travel, both domestic and international. The Intrepid Travel Covid Safe Travel protocols ensure that everyone is adhering to the local restrictions, if any, and ensures their tours are in compliance with all the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

This tour company can be a great option for groups looking for an adventure that is unique, sustainable, and sure to create lifelong memories. Their adventure tours are created in an eco-conscious manner and travelers who join their group tours can feel good about the soft footprint this company leaves wherever they visit.


Go Ahead Tours

Another company to consider is Go Ahead Tours. This company specializes in group travel around the world, with tours throughout Europe, Africa, and South America. Browse some Go Ahead Tours reviews to get a sense of their company and how they operate. One of the unique aspects of Go Ahead Tours is the option to earn travel discounts based on the number of people in your group.

In addition to international tours, the company also works with a lot of group tours in the United States, with a particular focus on U.S. National Parks—especially those within the state of California. The Go Ahead Tours in the U.S. may be a good fit for anyone reluctant to travel outside of the country due to COVID-19. Go Ahead Tours’ coronavirus protocols provide significant flexibility with no penalties for changes due to illness.

If you are concerned about having to cancel or postpone your trip due to illness or want to make sure that you are traveling in a safe way, look into Go Ahead Tours and consider purchasing a trip cancellation insurance plan.


Globus Tours

If you seek a vacation that is a little less off-road and adventurous, Globus Tours may be the luxury tour company for you. Browse a few Globus Tours reviews to discover just how pampered you will feel when joining one of their group tours.

The Globus Tours 2023 schedule has been released, so start planning. One of the most thrilling destinations for Globus Travel is Iceland. This tour is a favorite amongst senior travelers, solo travelers, families, and anyone who wants to experience this majestic locale.

Interested in the possibility of taking a trip to “the Land of Fire and Ice” known as Iceland? Here are 5 reasons to add Iceland to your travel bucket list.

Globus Tours Hawaii destinations remain extremely popular for anyone who is looking to stay in the U.S. during their vacation. Globus Travel COVID-19 protocols are proactive and in place to provide travelers with an experience that is not only enlightening but also safe.


Travel Groups for Solo Travelers

There are a variety of different reasons for wanting or preferring to travel alone. In some cases, it simply comes down to schedules that refuse to sync. For others, solo travel may be about freedom, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, or gaining confidence and learning to trust yourself.

Travelers looking to take a solo trip have a variety of options when it comes to travel groups. Find the best travel companies for solo travelers, read reviews to narrow them down, and then create a list of the trips that sound most interesting to you. From there, you can choose your trip based on the dates available, cost, and any other factors that matter most to you.

Group travel companies for singles are becoming more popular, with many travel companies offering a tour or two aimed at singles. Even more targeted companies exist that work exclusively with small group tours for single travelers, including solo travel groups for travelers in their 20s, singles travel groups for travelers in their 30s, travel groups for singles over 40, travel groups for singles over 50, single travel groups over 60, and, well, you get the idea. Solo travel websites are the perfect way to start planning your trip.

Whichever travel group you choose, you are sure to explore unique places and have memories for a while. When planning your trip, be sure to also check out the many options for travel insurance and travel medical insurance. It is always a smart idea to be prepared for uncertainty, especially when we are still dealing with COVID-19 on a global level.

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