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Here Are Your Tips for Planning a Honeymoon on a Budget

Planning your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But it can be a little bit stressful, especially if you are trying to stay within a narrow budget. Fortunately, there are many ways to plan the honeymoon of your dreams without breaking the bank. Take a look at these strategies to help you get started.

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How to Plan a Honeymoon on a Budget

Wanting a memorable honeymoon is a reasonable desire for any bride and groom, but keeping your dreams in line with your budget can sometimes be a challenge.

Whether you want affordable all-inclusive honeymoon packages in the USA or prefer a more hands-on approach to planning a budget-friendly experience abroad, we’ll cover it all. From traveling in the off-season to choosing a destination with a favorable currency exchange, there are many different strategies that can help you tackle tasks like finding the best all-inclusive honeymoon resorts within your financial means.

We’re here to help you create a workable budget and discuss tips for how to plan a honeymoon on a budget.


How to Save Money on a Honeymoon

Let's discuss how to plan a honeymoon on a budget. No matter how big or small, your honeymoon budget can allow for some amazing trips.

Here are some tips on how to plan your honeymoon wisely while still factoring in restaurants, activities, and accommodations that will excite you both as you start your lives together!

  • The sooner you start planning, the better. With enough lead time, you can find some money-saving deals on trips to popular destinations. Here is a timeline for planning a trip one year in advance from the travel experts over at Condé Nast Traveler.

  • Prioritize your non-negotiables when it comes to destinations, accommodations, mode of transportation, activities, and more. This is one way to really decide what is important to you. For example, if you really want to go to a certain destination but it costs more to get there, you can offset that cost with an affordable lodging option and free activities.

  • Visit your dream destination during the off-season. This is a simple way to maximize your honeymoon budget. If you have your heart set on St. Barts but your budget is limited, visiting the island during the off-season when prices are lower can make it possible.

  • Include a few honeymoon activities on your registry. If your dream honeymoon includes snorkeling in Belize, think about adding that experience to your wedding registry.

  • Visit a country with a favorable exchange rate. Finding a country where your dollar will go a lot further is another tip for keeping your budget in line.

  • Look into alternative modes of travel. Staying closer to home for your honeymoon? Think about traveling by car. Or hop between cities and travel by train or bus.

  • Start saving travel rewards early. If you travel frequently for work, try to always use the same airline or hotel chain and sign up for their rewards program or credit card. This will allow you to start savings points and miles that you can use to make your honeymoon more affordable.

  • Make your own meals. Consider saving money by booking accommodation where you can cook. Then reserve a couple days for eating out and enjoying the local cuisine. Shopping for food can also give you a closer look at culture and life in a new city.

  • Avoid third-party booking managers. Whenever possible, choose to book directly with a hotel and excursion operators. In order to avoid high online travel agency commissions, some hotel companies reduce rates and offer additional perks to those who book directly from their website.

  • Let the resort know it's your honeymoon. It may sound cheesy, but letting everyone know that it's your honeymoon may help you get some deals.

  • Leverage existing relationships. Your wedding planner may be able to put you in touch with some vendors that are willing to give you a discount on trip costs.

  • Consider a travel agent. Working with an experienced travel agent can get you access to deals you may not otherwise have known about.

  • When given an option, take the cheapest room. Giving up a preferred room can help you save some cash, while you still get to enjoy your choice of hotel or resort.

  • Consider all-inclusive resorts if you plan to spend most of your time at the resort. While this option isn't for everyone, it is one way to keep expenses in line. Also, pricing for these types of packages can vary, so you may find an option that fits your budget. Look into any dining and drink plans that can help keep incidental expenses to a minimum.

  • Stay local. If you don't have a dream honeymoon in mind, why not stay closer to home? Choosing a destination that is a car ride away doesn't mean it won’t be a special experience. Consider stunning Airbnbs or other vacation rentals that already exist in your home country for a unique experience without traveling far.

  • Purchase travel insurance. International honeymooners may want a travel medical insurance plan to cover unexpected medical costs while exploring another country – especially if their home health insurance doesn’t provide much (or any!) coverage abroad. 

    And a trip cancellation plan could cover your prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses if you were to cancel your trip for a covered reason, like dangerous weather conditions or getting sick before you depart.  

These tips are a great way to plan a honeymoon that will be exactly what you want while keeping your financial well-being in mind. Don't be afraid to plan the trip that's right for you and your spouse, even if what you want is unconventional.


Read about “7 Ways to See the World for Less” from Money Under 30 for more tips on budget travel.


Use a Honeymoon Budget Spreadsheet

Finding a honeymoon budget spreadsheet that works for you can help you stay on track. A robust honeymoon planning guide or honeymoon planning template can help you keep track of expenses and ensure you stay within your financial means.

There are a number of spreadsheets and planning guides available online that can help you with budget planning for your honeymoon. This honeymoon budget pdf is a great place to start planning your trip and your budget. There are even books that cover the topic of honeymooning on a budget.

From passport applications to visa fees, there can be a lot of hidden expenses that can be overlooked when planning your honeymoon. Using a budget template that includes these hidden fees can make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

And, if you don’t need a full-on honeymoon budget template, you can create your own customized spreadsheet that will get the job done. Just be sure to research typical honeymoon expenses so you know what to expect.


Best Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

If you're looking for “best honeymoon destinations 2023,” you're in the right place. There are some inexpensive honeymoon destinations in the USA and around the world that can provide the memorable trip that you want.

The best honeymoon destinations on a budget provide all the charm without the expensive price tag. Don't be afraid to think differently.

  • Bahamas – If you’re in the U.S. and want an island vacation, a budget-friendly trip to the Bahamas couldn't be easier. There are many resorts and other accommodation options that will allow you to get your fill of sea and sand.

  • Mexican Riviera – Another beach option to consider is the Mexican Riviera. In addition to the ease with which you can get there, there are many budget resort options in the region.

  • CroatiaCroatia is becoming more and more popular as a vacation destination. In addition to the budget-friendly options that are available, honeymooners will also enjoy a rather favorable exchange rate during their stay there.

  • Cancún – Another popular and affordable spot is Cancún, Mexico. In addition to the amazing beaches, you can enjoy trips to the Mayan ruins as well as some amazing nightlife and fine dining. Airfares tend to be reasonable and many resorts offer enticing honeymoon packages.

  • Florida Keys – For anyone who wants an amazing beach honeymoon in the United States, the Florida Keys could be the answer. There are enough options available at every price point that you'll feel like you have an abundance of choices, no matter your budget.

  • Costa Rica – If you want more of an adventurous experience, then take a look at Costa Rica. There are many eco-tourist options that offer something more than the typical beach holiday. There are a number of all-inclusive resorts to provide guests with activities to keep your adrenaline pumping.

  • ThailandThailand is a wonderful destination for anyone who wants to enjoy an immersive experience during their honeymoon. Possibly a once-in-a lifetime experience, this is perfect for adventurers who want to keep costs low while still traveling abroad.

  • Portugal – Portugal is a world-class destination and one of the more affordable European destinations to visit. From cultural artifacts to breathtaking landscapes and beaches, this is a nation that offers something for everyone.


Check out our Europe travel guide to help you plan your honeymoon to the region.


  • San Juan Islands – The rustic San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest provide visitors with boating and kayaking opportunities surrounded by some of the world's most beautiful nature. Cozy inns are beyond charming (and affordable too!).

  • Near-by Resorts – Don't overlook resort options that are close to home. If you have other financial priorities, taking a low-key trip to begin your marriage may be the right way to go.


Click here to get even more destination ideas for your trip.


Affordable Honeymoon Packages

For those wanting an easy, one-stop shop for their honeymoon planning, choosing the right honeymoon package can make or break your trip. Be sure to choose a well-respected company that has a good track record of customer satisfaction. And be sure to take a close look at the company’s cancellation policies, especially those related to weather.

Some of the best travel companies offer affordable all-inclusive honeymoon packages. If you are looking for all-inclusive honeymoon packages for 2023, take a look at what these well-respected companies have to offer:

  • G Adventures – If you want to travel abroad and are looking for all-inclusive honeymoon packages under $5,000 that include some adventure G Adventures may have the right package for you. These packages are ideal for young travelers who want to enjoy an experience that will stay with them forever. This company offers a wide range of packages that are sure to suit most budgets.

  • Intrepid Travel – Couples who are looking for affordable honeymoon packages for 2023 that are overseas can consider Intrepid Travel as a potential travel partner. This company has a stellar reputation for offering amazing packages all over the world at a variety of price points.

Creating a honeymoon experience that is in line with your budget is not an impossible feat. It just takes a bit of planning and creativity!

Plan the perfect honeymoon itinerary that fits within your ideal budget or choose an affordable honeymoon package that means less work for you. Whether you want to plan the trip of a lifetime or you want to stay closer to home, there's a honeymoon plan that's right for you. When you put in some extra work, planning a honeymoon on a budget is possible.

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