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Tokyo City Guide


The Greater Tokyo Area is the largest metropolitan area in the world. Ultra-modern, yet infused with sacred traditions, Tokyo offers a full sensory experience. You'll have the chance to indulge in rich and varied cuisine, unique pop culture, and therapeutic bathhouses.

Dive into this extensive guide to start planning your adventure to one of the world's greatest cities.

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Yokohama City Guide


Despite living in Tokyo’s shadow, Yokohama has a culture and offerings all its own. Within its borders, you’ll find modern amenities, luxury hospitality, ancient cultures, and inventive cuisines.

Use this Yokohama travel guide to plan everything you want to do, see, and explore during your time in the city.

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Osaka City Guide


Osaka is Japan’s third largest city. It is home to unforgettable cultural treasures, outstanding cuisine, and trendy bars and boutiques. Osaka's famously fun-loving people enjoy a rich history and modern culture of world-class dining and drinking.

This Osaka city guide will help you discover a city brimming with exciting things to see and do.

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Sapporo City Guide


Sapporo sits on the west coast of Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s islands. The country's fifth-largest city is renowned for its ski pistes, ramen noodle consumption, and the oldest beer brand in Japan.

Read this guide to uncover Sapporo’s best accommodations, restaurants, and attractions. Plus, gain detailed insight on the best time to visit, the cost of travel, and how to get around while you’re there.

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Fukuoka City Guide


Fukuoka is a popular destination for tourists who wish to soak up the rich culture and impressive sights in a subtropical climate. It's located on Japan's southernmost island, Kyushu, and serves as the capital of the Fukuoka Prefecture.

Start exploring the many temples, beaches, and shopping malls, including Canal City, Fukuoka's largest shopping and entertainment destination.

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Nagoya City Guide


Nagoya is a modern port city known for its unique juxtaposition of ancient culture and futuristic technology. It is the capital of the Aichi Ken Prefecture and sits at the head of Ise Bay in central Honshu.

This guide will walk you through Nagoya's most memorable festivals, restaurants, and activities. Don't forget to embark on the samurai walking tour – you'll even have a chance to try on samurai armor!

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Travel Tips & Resources for Your Trip to Japan

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