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Global Expat Medical Insurance

If you already do or are planning to live outside of the U.S., we recommend taking a look at global expat medical insurance to ensure your health and safety while abroad. Whether you are moving for work or missionary volunteering, it is important to make sure your health and financial well-being are protected. Global expat medical insurance may be a more suitable plan to purchase than a simple travel medical insurance plan. Global medical plans provide comprehensive medical coverage and can be at a similar level of coverage as the care you would receive in your home country. Although your host country may provide you with government-sponsored health insurance, it may not cover your specific healthcare needs. Therefore, purchasing a global expat medical insurance plan may be the solution for your health and safety needs abroad.

These plans are specifically designed with expats and missionaries in mind. Global expat medical insurance plans come with comprehensive medical coverage, such as routine medical exams, maternity coverage, and prescription drug coverage. Extensive benefits are also provided, such as emergency medical evacuation and emergency reunion coverage. Please review the three global medical plans provided below and request a quote at any time!

These plans offer the following on their international major medical plans:

  • Annually renewable major medical insurance
  • Optional term life, dental, and sports coverage
  • Travel assistance services are provided 24/7 and are there should you need help in finding a local doctor, hospital, or even assistance with emergency travel arrangements
  • Deductible options ranging from $0 up to $10,000

To learn more and explore the full breadth of benefits and coverage options for each plan, simply click the Get Quote button beneath each plan to be redirected to the International Citizens Insurance website or call 877-758-4881 for assistance.

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