Travel Medical Insurance for Visitors to the U.K.

Whether you’re heading to the UK for work or play, solo or with a travel companion by your side, it’s important that you feel safe and prepared for the adventure that lies ahead. And while you can’t evade every potential travel crisis, you can purchase travel medical insurance that provides coverage for a number of covered emergency scenarios.

Read on to discover why travel medical insurance is recommended by both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Department of State and learn what to look for in a policy as a visitor to the UK.


Atlas Travel for Global Travelers Seeking:

  • Coverage for unexpected medical expenses, including COVID-19-related expenses
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit
  • Supplemental travel benefits including Trip Interruption, Travel Delay, and Lost Checked Luggage

But First of All, Why Do I Need UK Visitor Medical Insurance?

Whether you’re planning to visit England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, international travel has its risks. Here are several reasons to consider UK visitor medical insurance for your adventure abroad:

  • Your domestic health plan may not cover you outside of your home country – or your international coverage may be limited.
  • Global travelers are often exposed to unfamiliar foods, foreign bacteria, and even side effects of jet lag – all of which have the potential to result in illness.
  • When exploring unfamiliar territory, an accident resulting in injury could happen without warning.
  • International flights are sometimes unpredictable – your airline could lose your checked luggage or bad weather could result in a costly overnight delay.
  • A natural disaster could occur without warning and force you to seek alternative accommodations.

These are just a few of the situations in which a travel medical policy could provide assistance as well as financial relief. Since travel medical insurance tends to vary in coverage, see your plan’s Description of Coverage to determine whether your benefits cover the above-mentioned scenarios (and under which conditions they apply).

What Should I Look for in a UK Visitor Medical Plan?

#1: Medical Coverage for Unexpected Injury or Illness

Say you’re walking across the famous London Tower Bridge when you fall and break your leg. A local ambulance takes you to the hospital, where you are admitted as inpatient. In cases like this, a UK visitor medical insurance plan like Atlas International can cover the cost of:

  • the local ambulance
  • expenses resulting from your hospital room and board
  • eligible surgery costs
  • physical therapy or chiropractic care as prescribed by your physician
  • dressings, sutures, and casts deemed medically necessary
  • prescription drugs prescribed by your doctor for your covered injury

Atlas International also offers coverage for an eligible emergency medical evacuation (up to the $1,000,000 lifetime maximum) and all other eligible medical expenses.

#2: Accidental Death Coverage

International travel has its risks, so it’s important to be prepared for a worst-case scenario. If you endure a covered accident that results in the loss of your eye(s), limb(s), or life, your Atlas International policy will pay the amount indicated in the Schedule of Benefits to your beneficiary.

Atlas International also offers a Repatriation of Remains benefit which, in covered situations, pays (up to your policy’s overall maximum limit) to return your remains to your home country. Or, in lieu of repatriation, your Atlas policy’s Local Burial or Cremation benefit can provide up to $5,000 for eligible expenses.

#3: Terrorism Coverage

While no one wants to consider the possibility of falling victim to an act of terrorism, it’s beneficial for you to consider this scenario as you embark on your international adventure – especially when visiting a large, touristy city like London.

If an act of terrorism leaves you in need of treatment for related injuries or illnesses, and the situation and ailment are deemed eligible for coverage, then your Atlas International policy will pay for eligible expenses up to $50,000.

IMPORTANT: Note that this coverage excludes countries for which the United States government has issued a level 3 “reconsider travel” or higher travel advisory in the previous 60 days. Furthermore, certain types of attacks are excluded, including nuclear, chemical, or biological weapon attacks. See the Description of Coverage for additional conditions and exclusions.

#4: Sports and Activities Coverage

If you plan to participate in amateur sports or recreational activities during your time in the UK, you might benefit from a travel medical plan that includes sports coverage. Atlas International can cover eligible, non-professional sports and activities which are adequately supervised and in which the appropriate safety equipment is worn.

Some covered activities include:

  • bodyboarding
  • wakeboarding
  • surfing
  • rock climbing
  • mountain biking
  • zip-lining

See the Description of Coverage for a full list of benefits and exclusions.

#5: Trip Interruption Coverage

Say you’re exploring the UK when you receive the news that a member of your immediate family has passed away. Under eligible circumstances, you’ll be covered for the cost of one economy, one-way air or ground transportation ticket to the terminal serving the area where you live so you can be there for your loved ones.

#6: Lost Checked Luggage Coverage

If your airline loses your luggage, you’ll likely need to replace most of the items inside. When your luggage has been lost for 10-plus days and you’ve filed a formal claim with your airline, your Atlas International policy can provide reimbursement for the replacement of clothes and personal hygiene items up to $500 (not to exceed $50 on any one item).

#7: Travel Delay Coverage

Say you’re preparing to return home from London when heavy fog causes your flight to be delayed until morning. Unfortunately, you now have to pay for a last-minute hotel room and meals.  Under this Atlas International benefit, you’ll be reimbursed up to the benefit limit for reasonable accommodations and meals if your covered, 12-plus-hour delay requires an unplanned overnight stay.

#8: Travel Assistance Services

Traveling abroad can be overwhelming – even when you speak the native language of your destination. As an Atlas International customer, you will receive access to travel and medical assistance services to help you through a number of scenarios, such as:

  • you need assistance obtaining a replacement passport, birth certificate, visa, or airline document
  • you find yourself in need of legal assistance
  • you need assistance with an emergency cash transfer
  • your luggage is lost in transit and you need help locating it
  • your credit cards are lost or stolen and you need help replacing them
  • you’re struggling to locate a suitable medical facility, dental practice, or pharmacy in your destination country
  • you are hospitalized and wish for a point-of-contact to send ongoing medical updates to your family members or friends

What Are My Coverage Options?

Atlas International insurance offers a variety of policies to help you find the coverage best suited to your needs and budget. To determine which Atlas policy is right for you, find your travel situation among the options below – and click the related link to learn more or get a quote!


Travel Situation #1: I’m taking a single trip to the UK.

For single trips, we recommend Atlas Travel – our most popular insurance plan. Atlas Travel offers up to $2,000,000 in coverage, plus deductibles ranging from $0 to $5,000.

Travel Situation #2: I’m taking a single trip to the UK – and I want the highest possible coverage limits.

Atlas Premium offers the same great coverage as our Atlas Travel plan— with even higher coverages for many benefits. You can compare the two plans here.

Travel Situation #3: I’m visiting the UK with a group of 5-plus travelers.

Designed for student groups and large families, Atlas Group offers the same benefits and services of our popular Atlas Travel plan at a 10% reduced rate for groups of 5 or more.

Travel Situation #4: I’m visiting the UK multiple times this year.

If you’re a frequent UK visitor or professional who takes multiple trips abroad each year, then Atlas MultiTrip might be for you. You can pay once and get a year of coverage for international trips of up to 30 or 45 days – whichever you choose.



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