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Traveling can be quite an experience, but it’s always good to have tried and true tips and tricks that can help you pack efficiently, save money, and most of all – stay safe. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet or you consider yourself a travel pro, these tips can help you make the most of your journey.

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Travel Tips and Tricks

While even the most experienced travelers should update their arsenal of travel advice now and then, there are a few types of travelers that can really benefit from our list of travel tips and tricks, including students, international travelers, solo travelers, and travel newbies. You can never have too much information when traveling, as there’s always something new to learn.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll find below:


Tips for Packing

When traveling, it’s ideal to pack as light as you can. Too much luggage can be a pain to tote around. Have a packing list handy to help you avoid taking too much. Whether you’re going for a few days or a few weeks, there are some packing suitcase hacks that work every time.

For those who want to avoid checking bags, we also have a few packing tips for carry-on luggage that will get you through your entire trip.

Look at some of our tips for packing below:

  • Know the luggage requirements. Check the rules and regulations on size and weight. Different airlines can have different requirements. Here is a carry-on luggage size and weight chart for 58 major airlines and a checked luggage size and weight chart for over 60 major airlines from Upgraded Points.

  • Consider what to bring in carry-on bags. Know what you can and can’t bring on the plane. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulates liquids to 3.4 ounces or smaller, and they must be in a 1 quart-sized, resealable bag.

  • Pack strategically for shorter trips. If you’re only bringing a carry-on for a few days, try to pack items that serve multiple purposes.

  • Be prepared during a road trip. Games, food, a hotspot, electronic devices, and headphones are a must. Make sure you have everything you need.

Don’t forget to consult our travel tips packing list to make sure you are well prepared for anything, whether you’re traveling by boat, car, or air.


Travel Tips for Beginners

Getting ready to travel is exciting, especially if it’s your first trip or you don’t travel often. The best thing you can do is be prepared with the right travel tips and tricks to keep you ready to go. With these travel tips for beginners, you’ll be a pro in no time and ready to take on the world!

Here are 5 travel tips that won’t steer you wrong:

  • Plan everything. Some people fly by the seat of their pants, but it’s not advised, especially when traveling as a newbie. If nothing else, plan your first night from start to finish so you’ll know what to expect and what to do when you get there.

  • Prep documentation and bank notifications. Make sure you have copies of everything you’ll need to prove your identity. For international trips, also make sure your bank and credit card company know you may be making purchases internationally. Most banks and credit card companies allow you to do this quickly and easily online.

  • Figure out communication. While some cell phone companies have free overseas texting, you may want to consider an international plan. You may have to purchase an additional SIM card while you’re there.

  • Make wise clothing choices. Pack multipurpose clothing that doubles as casual or can be dressed up for other occasions. Check the weather right before you leave to make sure you’ve packed appropriately.

  • Research your destination. It always helps to research your destination before jetting off. Discover some interesting tourist spots and advice from other travelers who have visited before. Travel forums like Fodor’s Travel Talk Forums and Tripadvisor Forums are great places to start.

    Also research any potential safety risks that come with visiting the region. One valuable resource is the U.S. Department of State’s “Country Information” page for your destination. This page will teach you about safety, entry requirements, laws, healthcare, and more in your destination.

Discover more travel tips for beginners to help you better plan your trip.


International Travel Tips

If you’re going to another country, having solid tips for traveling abroad for the first time can help ease the jitters. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last.

Following international travel tips during COVID can also help you take proper precautions while staying safe. While things are slowly getting back to some form of normalcy, many countries still have certain protocols in place.

Our international travel tips for beginnersare designed to help make your experience one to remember.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Start with a packing checklist. This ensures you pack everything you need and don’t forget anything important. Make sure you double-check the list before you consider yourself fully packed.

  • Consider the purpose of your trip. Is your trip for relaxation, adventure, sightseeing, or something else? Look at the activities you’ve planned to ensure you have the right clothing and shoes.

  • Learn whether there are any travel restrictions. Each country has its own set of restrictions. Check out our travel restrictions map to view entry requirements and restrictions for countries around the world.

  • Have your documents handy. Your travel documents (ex. passport, visa, boarding pass, etc.) should be in your carry-on bag or in another bag close to your body for easy accessibility. Make sure you have photocopies of everything, as well as contact numbers in case of emergencies.

  • Get to the airport early. You never know what may slow you down at the airport. Getting there at least three hours ahead of time allows for unexpected mishaps.


Browse these international travel tips to ensure you are traveling wisely.


Solo Travel Tips

Traveling solo? Solo travel can push you out of your comfort zone and help you overcome your fears—on your own timeline. If you’re ready for your solo travel 2023 adventures, these solo travel tips will keep you informed and safe.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Have a plan. Planning makes perfect. Have an itinerary so you know what you’re doing, where to go if things go awry, and where to find medical care if you need it.

  • Do your research. One of the most important things to remember when traveling solo is to know the area you’re visiting. You can find a lot of information on risky areas to stay away from and what other solo travelers enjoy.

    Visit solo travel blogs as well as travel forums such as Fodor’s Travel Talk Forums and Tripadvisor Forums. Also view the U.S. Department of State’s “Country Information” page for your destination to learn about important safety information.

  • Keep in touch with others. Let others know where you are going and have a contact plan in place. If you are a U.S. citizen, you can also enroll your trip with the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). This free service can help the U.S. Embassy and friends and family contact you in an emergency as well as provide you with vital safety information regarding your destination(s).

  • Leave the valuables at home. The goal is to stay safe. Leave expensive jewelry at home to avoid becoming a target. Here are some tips for outsmarting pickpockets and thieves during travel.

  • Watch your surroundings. It’s easy to get lost in another country or become distracted. Leave the headphones for when you’re in the hotel. When outdoors, stay vigilant and alert.

If you don’t know where to begin, there are quite a few solo travel groups that may interest you. It’s not uncommon for women to travel solo too. When you have free time and can’t find someone to tag along with you, many women opt to see the world on their own – on their terms.


Traveling Tips for Students

If you’re going on a student-led trip or have a semester abroad, there are many things you can do to prepare, like budgeting, getting a passport, studying the country and language, and preparing your visa and passport. At any rate, preparation is key. That means you should be thinking of this at least a year in advance.

Once you’ve got the green light, here are a few traveling tips for students:

  • Have your documents ready to go (i.e., passport, visa, etc.) and makes copies of everything.
  • Create a realistic budget.
  • Call your bank to let them know about your international travel plans.
  • Leave your valuables at home.
  • Have an emergency contact plan in place.
  • Set up an international calling plan and download necessary messaging apps.
  • Always keep a translation book with you if you aren’t familiar with the local language(s).


Travel Tips COVID

COVID has changed a lot when it comes to traveling, but there are still ways to have a good time while following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) travel guidelines.

Many people may wonder, “Do I need to get tested for COVID-19 before I travel?” It depends on what country you are traveling to. Many countries have lifted or loosened their travel protocols, but some still require testing prior to travel.

One of the first things to do when researching for an international trip is to locate the travel restrictions by country using our travel restrictions map. International travel tips during COVID can come in handy, especially if you are in a situation where someone in your party contracts COVID and must be isolated.

Here are a few travel tips during COVID:

  • Verify testing and vaccination requirements. Every country operates differently, so make sure you find out exactly what you need or are required to have long before your trip.

  • Review masking, social distancing, and quarantine requirements. Many countries list their travel tips and COVID-related requirements on their embassy websites. Although many restrictions are being lifted for mandatory vaccines, your destination country may still have mask and social distancing requirements in place. Some countries also have a health pass you may have to complete prior to entering.

  • Find out the hotel protocols if you must quarantine. In case you must stay isolated, make sure the hotel has room service or you have access to a delivery service where you can get food and other necessities.

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