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Travel and Trip Assistance Services

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Travel assistance services are available to all WorldTrips customers who purchase an Atlas Journey or Atlas On-The-Go trip protection insurance plan. We work to provide worldwide travel assistance services to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For access to these services, please call:

Within the United States: (866) 400-6090 (toll-free)
Outside the United States: +1 (603) 328-6387 (collect calls accepted)

Important Note

The services provided below are not a guarantee of any benefit or payment. Eligibility for services related to payable benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Please review the policy documents for your plan and state of residency to see terms and conditions specific to your coverage.

Note that there may be times when circumstances beyond our control hinder our ability to provide travel assistance services. We will make all reasonable efforts to provide the requested services as quickly as possible.

Emergency Transportation

Emergency Medical Evacuation

We will arrange for your medical care and transportation from a hospital or medical facility to the nearest hospital where the medically necessary care is available. We will also arrange transportation to your original location or to your home country once you are discharged and deemed fit to travel.

Medical Repatriation

After you’ve received medical treatment, we can arrange for you to be transported with a qualified medical attendant to your residence or home hospital for further medical treatment or recovery.

Return of Remains

In the unfortunate event of your death, we can arrange for a casket or air tray, preparation, and transportation of remains to your place of residence or to the place of burial.

Visit by Family Member/Friend

We can arrange travel and suitable hotel accommodations for a person of your choice to visit if you are expected to be hospitalized for 24 hours or more and you traveling alone, with a minor, or with a person incapable of providing support.

Return of Dependent Children

We can arrange for your dependents to return home if they are present but left unattended because of your medical evacuation or hospitalization. They will be accompanied by a non-medical escort if needed.

Emergency Return Home

If your family member or business partner suffers a life-threatening illness, injury, or death, we can arrange for economy airfare to transport you home.

Return of Traveling Companion

If your traveling companion misses their premade travel arrangements due to a delay caused by your medical emergency or death, we can arrange one-way economy airfare to return your companion to their original departure point.

Natural Disaster Response

If you need alternate or emergency travel arrangements due to natural disaster, we will assist in arranging your transportation to your home or an alternate location.

Medical Assistance

Medical Monitoring

During a medical emergency resulting from an accident or sickness, we will monitor your case to determine whether the care is adequate from a Western medical perspective. We will maintain contact with your treating physician and nursing staff and obtain relevant information regarding your medical, surgical, and treatment plans. We will use this information to ensure you’re receiving proper care in relation to your condition and the area where you’re receiving treatment.

24-Hour Nurse Help Line

A registered nurse counselor provided by us will perform a clinical assessment to provide you with education and general health information. The nurse cannot diagnose your ailments, but they will identify the appropriate care for your health needs based on your reported symptoms.

Medical, Behavioral, Mental Health, Dental, and Pharmacy Search and Referral

We will assist you in finding medical or dental professionals and pharmacies in the area where you are traveling. When possible, these will include Western-style medical facilities and English-speaking doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers.

Coordination of Benefits

Upon your request, we will use your primary health insurance information or other supplemental travel or secondary insurance information to attempt to coordinate benefits. We will facilitate direct payment of covered expenses from your insurer to your medical provider. We will also facilitate assistance with claims documentation by notifying the insurance carrier and requesting a pre-certification of medical expenses.

Medical Records Transfer

With your consent, we will transfer any necessary medical information and records to you or your treating physician.

Transfer of Insurance Information to Medical Providers

We will help prevent delays or denials of medical care by assisting with coordination of hospital admission, including by relaying insurance benefit information, communicating with admitting physicians, and confirming bed availability. We will also help with your discharge planning.

Hotel or Convalescence Stay After Hospitalization

We can arrange for you to stay at a hotel or convalescent home near the hospital while you wait for medical transportation after being discharged from a hospital.

Return of Personal Belongings

We can assist with arranging the shipment of your personal effects to your home after an emergency medical evacuation, medical repatriation, or return of remains which prevents you from returning to your trip.

Travel Assistance

24/7 Emergency Travel Arrangements

We will assist you with changing airline, hotel, or car rental reservations once your trip has started.

Translator or Interpreter Referral

We can assist with telephone interpretation in all major languages 24 hours a day. If you require ongoing or more complex translation services, we will refer you to local translators.

Prescription Replacement Assistance

We will consult with the prescribing physician and arrange to fill a prescription that has been lost, forgotten, or requires a refill, subject to local law, whenever possible. We will also arrange for shipment of replacement eyeglasses/corrective lenses or medical devices. We can also arrange an appointment with a local medical provider on your behalf. You are responsible for payments of all costs related to these services.

Medical Equipment Reservation Assistance

If you need new or replacement medical equipment or parts, or you need to rent medical equipment after an injury or illness while on your trip, we will consult with your prescribing physician to locate and reserve medical equipment for you where possible. All costs associated with this service are your responsibility.

Lost/Stolen Travel Documents Assistance

We will aid in the replacement of your passports, airline documents, birth certificates, or other travel-related documents.

Lost Luggage Assistance

We will assist in locating your luggage lost while in transit.

ID Recovery Assistance

We will call your credit card companies, with you on the phone, to alert them if your credit cards have been lost or stolen. We will also inform the three credit bureaus to ensure the incident is reported. If necessary, we will assist you with a cash advance assistance from family or friends. If your passport is stolen while traveling abroad, we will assist you in securing an appointment with the local consulate or embassy for emergency passport replacement. You will be responsible for any third-party costs.

Emergency Travel Funds Assistance

We will arrange the forwarding of funds from your credit cards or your insured family member. Any fees associated with the transfer or delivery of funds are your responsibility.

Emergency Message Forwarding

If you are unable to reach your employer, family member, or traveling companion, we can forward a message via phone to your intended party.

Legal Consultation and Referral

Upon request, we will arrange for an initial phone consultation with an attorney without any charge to you. In case of your incarceration, we will notify the proper embassy or consulate, arrange the receipt of funds from third party sources, and locate an attorney and bail bonds, where permitted by law, with satisfactory guarantee of reimbursement from you, a family member, or friend. You are responsible for associated fees.

RV/Vehicle Repair Assistance

If your vehicle breaks down while en route to your destination, at your destination, or once you’ve returned home, we will provide you with a list of auto and RV repair facilities near you. We can also assist with reserving a hotel stay, a rental car, or local transportation while the vehicle is repaired

RV/Vehicle Return

We will coordinate the return of your car, motorcycle, or non-commercial truck or RV if you and your traveling companion are unable to return it due to a medical condition. Your vehicle must be registered to you or your travel companion and be in good, drivable, road-ready condition. This service is only available within the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. All costs associated with this service are your responsibility.

Aircraft Return

We will coordinate the return of your aircraft to the airport where it was stored and maintained if you or your travel companion are unable to return it due to a medical condition. This service is available in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The aircraft must be in good condition and capable of being safely flown in compliance with applicable aviation laws and regulations, including the Federal Aviation Administration. All costs associated with this service are your responsibility.

Emergency Pet Housing and/or Pet Return

We will coordinate boarding for your pet at a local boarding facility if you are hospitalized and unable to tend to your pet. We will also arrange transportation home for your pet if needed. The pet must be a domestic dog or cat weighing less than 200 pounds that is kept for companionship rather than utility (other than service animals).

Hotel Arrangements for Convalescence

Upon request, we will arrange a hotel room near the hospital for your travel companion.

Bereavement Reunion

In the event of your death, we can arrange for an assigned advocate to fly to your location to identify and accompany your remains back to your home country. All costs associated with this service are your responsibility.

Pre-Trip Information

Embassy and Consular Information

We can provide you with the location and contact information for local embassies and consulate offices near your trip destination.

Pet Vaccine/Inoculation Requirements

We can provide a list of required pet vaccinations and inoculation requirements if you are traveling with pets to your trip destination.

Pre-Trip Information

Upon request, we will provide information services such as visa and passport requirements, cultural information, currency exchange, inoculation and immunization requirements, weather conditions, and travel advisories.

Security Assistance

Travel Risk Brief

Upon request, we will email you a country or city security overview that includes intelligence on crime, civil unrest, transportation, cultural info, embassies, vaccinations, and health infrastructure.

24/7 Global Security Specialist Assistance

A Global Security Specialist is available 24 hours a day to provide immediate advice or assistance when your safety is at risk.


Business Concierge Assistance

  • Emergency correspondence and business communication assistance
  • Assistance with locating available business services such as express/overnight delivery sites,
  • internet cafes, and print/copy services
  • Help arranging telephone and web conferencing
  • Emergency messaging to customers, associates, and others by phone, fax, e-mail, text, etc.
  • Real time weather, travel delay, and flight status information
  • Worldwide business directory service for equipment repair/replacement, warranty service, etc.
  • Emergency travel arrangements


WorldTrips' Atlas Journey, Atlas Cruiser, and Atlas On-The-Go trip protection insurance products are underwritten by Tokio Marine HCC's U.S. Specialty Insurance Company (USSIC). USSIC is a Texas-domiciled insurance company operating on an admitted basis throughout the United States. Coverage is available to U.S. residents of the U.S. states and District of Columbia only. This plan provides insurance coverage that only applies during the covered trip. You may have coverage from other sources that provides you with similar benefits but may be subject to different restrictions depending upon your other coverages. You may wish to compare the terms of this policy with your existing life, health, home, and automobile insurance policies. Coverage may not be available in all states.

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