If you’re planning to enter the United States for temporary work purposes, you’ll need to first acquire a temporary work visa. Read on to learn which type of visa you need for your time in the USA – and discover your work visa health insurance options!

Atlas America® Work Visa Health Insurance

  • Atlas America insurance covers eligible sicknesses and injuries incurred while traveling to and within the United States.
  • Upon purchase, you will be provided access to a visa letter that specifies your medical benefit amounts and insurance coverage period. This letter can be taken to your visa interview appointment and used as proof of coverage.
  • With Atlas America, you get access to a large network of doctors and hospitals in locations across the country willing to help you in the event of a medical emergency.

Temporary Work Visas for USA

Check out the following chart to learn about the different types of visas for temporary workers in the United States, or visit the U.S. Department of State’s Temporary Worker Visas page for more information.

B-1 Visa – Temporary Business Visitor

  • Work Type: B-1 visa holders may intend to consult with colleagues, negotiate a contract, attend a conference or educational seminar, or take part in a short-term training program.

  • Eligibility & Stay: To be eligible for a B-1 visa, you must demonstrate that you have funds to cover your trip expenses and your stay. You must also have plans to depart the U.S. after a certain period of time. The maximum period for an initial stay is 6 months, though you may extend your stay up to 1 year.

  • Family Eligibility for Dependent Visa: Spouses and children of B-1 visa holders are not eligible to obtain dependent visas.


H-2A Visa – Temporary or Seasonal Agricultural Worker

  • Work Type: As an H-2A visa worker, your job duties may include picking fruit, tending to fields and livestock, and assisting in the production and harvesting of crops.

  • Eligibility & Stay: H-2A visa workers typically remain in the U.S. for a season or other predetermined period, though you may stay in the country for a period up to 1 year if your employer can justify the additional time.

  • Family Eligibility for Dependent Visa: Your spouse and unmarried children (under age 21) may apply for H-4 nonimmigrant classification if they wish to move with you.

H-2B Visa – Temporary Non-Agricultural Worker

  • Work Type: Types of work that fall under the H-2B visa classification may include hospitality, retail, service, construction, janitorial, or maintenance.

  • Eligibility & Stay: H-2B visa workers may remain in the U.S. for the period of time authorized on their temporary labor certification, though employers may extend a stay in increments up to 1 year. The maximum period of stay is 3 years.

  • Family Eligibility for Dependent Visa: Your spouse and unmarried children (under age 21) may apply for H-4 nonimmigrant classification if they wish to move with you.

L-1 Visa – Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager

  • Work Type: The L-1 visa allows executives or managers from foreign offices to transfer to an affiliated office in the United States.

  • Eligibility & Stay: Applicants are eligible for this classification if they will be employed in the U.S. in an executive or managerial role and they have worked for the same organization (or another qualifying organization) for at least one continuous year out of the three years immediately preceding their planned entry into the United States.

  • Family Eligibility for Dependent Visa: Your spouse and unmarried children (under age 21) may apply for L-2 nonimmigrant classification if they wish to move with you.

Dependent Visa Classifications for Families of Work Visa Holders

H-4 Visa – For Dependent Family Members of H-Category Visa Holders

The H-4 visa classification applies to family members of an H-category visa holder who wish to accompany the H-category visa holder on his or her temporary move to the United States. Spouses of H-category visa holders and their unmarried children (under the age of 21) are eligible for the H-4 visa, which remains valid for the same period of time as the principal H-category visa.

H-4 family members are permitted to study during their time in the U.S., as well as open a bank account and obtain a driver’s license. However, only certain H-4 visa holders who are approved for a work permit will be allowed to work in the USA.

L-2 Visa – For Dependent Family Members of L-1 Visa Holders

The L-2 nonimmigrant visa category applies to family members of an L-1 visa holder who wish to accompany the L-1 visa holder on his or her temporary move to the United States. Spouses of L-1 visa holders and their unmarried children under the age of 21 are eligible for the L-2 visa, which remains valid for the same period of time as the principal L-1 visa.

How To Get a USA Work Visa

Application steps may vary by U.S. Embassy or Consulate. You can visit USEmbassy.gov to see specific instructions for the U.S. Embassy or Consulate nearest to you.

For a general overview of the temporary work visa application process, note the following steps:

    1. Your qualifying employer must submit Form I-129 (Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker) to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once this petition is approved, you will receive temporary labor certification.

    2. Complete the online nonimmigrant visa application, Form DS-160. Print the confirmation page.

    3. Schedule an appointment for your visa interview. To find the nearest embassy or consulate, search for your country of residence at USEmbassy.gov.

    4. Pay the $160 nonrefundable visa application fee. (Also determine whether you’ll owe an additional issuance fee – to be paid upon visa approval – by selecting your nationality at the U.S. Department of State’s “Visitor Visa” page.)

    5. Gather the required documents. These may include a valid passport, Form DS-160 confirmation page, and application fee payment receipt.

    6. Attend your visa interview. See tourist visa interview practice questions and interview tips.

Work Visa Health Insurance

Work visa health insurance is travel medical insurance that provides international coverage to work visa holders, their spouses, and their children as they work on a short-term basis in the USA.

Work visa health insurance like WorldTrips' Atlas America insurance offers coverage for the treatment of unexpected injuries and illnesses as well as emergency travel benefits and supplemental travel benefits.

Why Do I Need Work Visa Health Insurance?

Though working in the U.S. is an incredible opportunity, international travel can still pose a risk. Here are 3 reasons to consider medical insurance for your work visa:

You could encounter a travel mishap, accident, or illness that calls for work visa insurance.

After all, you’ll be navigating a foreign country while possibly performing laborious work, trying new foods, dealing with the effects of jet lag, and exposing yourself to foreign bacteria.

Your domestic health insurance policy may not cover you in the United States.

Even if it does, it may provide very limited coverage. And in the U.S., people are responsible for their own health expenses, meaning you will be financially liable for any medical costs you incur. The average cost of a 3-day hospital stay in the U.S. is around $30,000.

Your visa may require you to show proof of ability to pay return travel and medical costs.

A work visa health policy like Atlas America could help demonstrate your ability to pay for medical expenses by showing that you have coverage for unexpected injury or illness. Atlas America provides access to a visa letter which can serve as proof of work visa insurance.

What Does Work Visa Health Insurance Cover?

In the face of a medical or travel emergency in the United States, a work visa health plan can cover expenses such as hospital room and board, the intensive care unit, and physical therapy – as well as emergency travel-related expenses.

Here are just a few highlights of our Atlas America plan:               

  • 100% coverage for eligible medical expenses inside the Preferred Provider Network (PPO) – after the deductible and up to the overall maximum limit – for injuries and illness incurred inside the U.S.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage
  • Trip Interruption, Travel Delay, and Lost Checked Luggage benefits
  • Wide network of doctors and hospitals
  • Multi-lingual emergency assistance available 365 days a year
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Why Choose Atlas America Insurance?


Atlas America policies are affordable and flexible, allowing you to select the deductible, length of coverage, and coverage maximum that best align with your travel needs.

Plus, if your job duration is extended, you can also extend your insurance (5-day minimum) up to a maximum of 364 days from your initial coverage start date. Provided there is no break in coverage, you will not be required to re-satisfy your deductible or coinsurance and your benefit limits will not reset.


Purchasing Atlas America insurance is fast and easy – online fulfillment is available immediately and no health screenings are required for acceptance. Plus, our provider network covers all 50 states, with easy access for the majority of the U.S.

When you purchase an Atlas America insurance policy, you’ll receive a fulfillment document with instructions on how to seek medical treatment, how to file a claim, and how to contact the customer service department with additional questions.

Year-Round Assistance

As an Atlas America policyholder, you will receive access to our full line of travel assistance services, available in multiple languages 365 days a year. These services include:

  • Lost passport and travel documents assistance
  • Assistance with emergency cash transfers
  • Embassy and consulate referrals
  • Legal and accounting referrals
  • Provider referrals

None of the Above Work Visa Categories Apply to You?

Check out these additional visa categories – and click the links to learn more:

  • H-1B Visa – Person in Specialty Occupation
  • H-1B1 Visa – Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Professional
  • H-3 Visa – Trainee or Special Education Visitor
  • O-1 Visa – Individual with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement
  • P-1 Visa – Individual or Team Athlete/Member of an Entertainment Group
  • P-2 Visa – Artist or Entertainer (Individual or Group)
  • P-3 Visa – Artist or Entertainer (Individual or Group)
  • Q-1 Visa – Participant in an International Cultural Exchange Program

Why WorldTrips

Who is insuring you is just as important as the insurance plan you choose. For the past 25 years, WorldTrips has provided travel insurance and compassionate service to help our customers travel fearlessly. Our knowledgeable customer representatives are available 24/7 to respond to your travel emergencies, no matter the situation, time zone, or spoken language.


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