“The more the merrier” they say, and that is absolutely true for vacations, traveling, and exploring. When organizing a mission trip, cruise, or family reunion, consider group travel insurance from WorldTrips. Our Atlas Group travel medical insurance plan comes with all the benefits of our travel medical insurance plans, but at a 10% reduced rate for groups of five or more.

With Atlas Group travel insurance, you’ll only need to purchase one policy to cover your entire party, which makes for a quick and convenient purchase. Group travel insurance can provide your team with international travel medical insurance should something happen to one group member, or your entire team. Get a quote from WorldTrips today!

Atlas Group Coverage Details

WorldTrips’ Atlas Group travel medical plans can help instill confidence in your travel plans. While you may meticulously craft the perfect itinerary for your vacation, someone in your party becoming sick or injured is not often something you plan for. With Atlas Group travel insurance, you’ll have all the travel medical insurance coverage of our Atlas Travel plans, plus coverage upgrades are available to add on.

Our group travel medical insurance includes coverage for trip interruption, emergency medical expenses, loss of checked luggage, and emergency medical evacuation. We also provide travel assistance services which can help you in non-insurance related situations like recovering your lost passport or needing embassy and consulate referrals. Should you need to use any of these services, our team is standing by to provide multilingual assistance 365 days a year to help you navigate tough travel scenarios if you need it.


Maximizing Your Coverage: Advantages of Group Travel Insurance

Many travelers don’t realize that their domestic health insurance may not cover them when they are abroad. This is why international travel medical insurance is such an important investment, especially for group trips. Group travel insurance can cover the full range of age groups in your party, including children and seniors in your party. 

Certain credit card companies also offer travel insurance, but that is usually for the cardholder and the coverage may not transfer to any other party members. You may find that the travel insurance coverage they offer may not meet your travel needs.

With Atlas Group travel medical insurance, purchasing a plan is not only convenient and budget-friendly, but our plans are customizable as well. Our plans are flexible by allowing you to choose your deductible, duration of coverage, and total coverage limit.

Additionally, you have the option to enhance your coverage with various add-ons that prioritize your specific criteria, such as additional crisis response, accidental death & dismemberment, and personal liability coverage.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Group Travel Insurance

When determining if group travel medical insurance is right for your journey, it is important to consider a number of factors.

Group Size

The larger your party, the more likely something could go wrong. Larger groups will need to be transported somehow, and they may need to be split up over multiple flights or vehicles, which could result in delays.


Atlas Group travel medical insurance is only available for international travel, as it does not provide any home country coverage. Exploring the local cuisine in a new country can be thrilling, but it may pose the potential risk of infection and other illnesses, while drinking the water in foreign countries could also be hazardous.


Consider all the activities you’ll be doing while on your trip. Missionary trips tend to involve manual labor which could result in accidents or injuries. Trips and falls could happen on walking tours or hikes. Take into account the activities on your itinerary which may have unexpected consequences.


The longer your trip, the greater the need for group travel medical insurance. Certain European countries will require medical insurance coverage if you are staying for a long period of time.

Budget Constraints

Group travel medical insurance rates from WorldTrips are reduced for parties of 5 or more, making it more budget-friendly than if every individual buys their own policy.

When to Consider Group Travel Insurance Coverage

There are many instances where you may have five or more people traveling together. At WorldTrips our customizable group travel medical plans can be tailored to better fit various types of groups.


Overseas Company Retreat

The team that works together, celebrates together. Let your employees relax and not have to worry about insurance coverage with a group travel medical policy.


Missionary Trips

Volunteers of missionary trips often vary in age and skills, which could make injuries more common.



Cruises are a great way to organize a family reunion or friends’ trip. With group travel insurance, you could have plan coverages in the event of eligible delays or interrupted excursions.


Tours and Safaris

Many tour companies require participants to have travel medical insurance coverage. If they offer you insurance, you may want to compare it to WorldTrips’ Atlas Group travel medical plans to see how it measures up.


School Trips

Students are often excited to travel with their peers, but for many, this may be their first vacation out of their parents’ eye. Their child will have travel medical insurance while in your care.


International Family Trips

Families come in all sizes. Some nuclear families contain more than five members, which can make a group travel medical insurance plan a good option for their vacation. And if grandma or any cousins want to come along too, they can also be covered under the same plan.

When Individual Travel Insurance Would Work Better Than Group Travel Insurance Coverage

There are many travel groups where individuals can join in. Some travel groups may require travelers to have their own individual travel medical insurance coverage rather than covering the whole group within the cost of the trip. This is when an individual travel medical insurance plan may work best for you.

Solo travelers, or travelers in groups smaller than 5, can consider our Atlas Travel plans for their travel medical insurance needs. Atlas Travel insurance plans contain coverage for unexpected medical expenses, a disrupted or delayed trip, medical evacuation, political evacuation, terrorism, and more.

Trust WorldTrips for Group Travel Insurance Coverage

Travelers all over the world have relied on WorldTrips to cover their travel medical expenses and other non-insurance-related travel assistance needs for over 25 years. When looking for group travel insurance coverage, it’s not enough to weigh plans against each other. You should also consider the insurer.

WorldTrips has received numerous recent awards and other accolades that are proof of our reliability and accessibility as a company. Make sure that group travel insurance is part of your travel planning process and get a quick quote from WorldTrips today.


WorldTrips international travel medical insurance products are underwritten by Lloyd's. WorldTrips is a service company and a member of the Tokio Marine HCC group of companies. WorldTrips has authority to enter into contracts of insurance on behalf of the Lloyd's underwriting members of Lloyd's Syndicate 4141, which is managed by HCC Underwriting Agency, Ltd.