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Discover the Benefits of Nomad Insurance for Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, and Expatriates

Calling all nomads, remote workers, and expatriates of the world! Nomad insurance from WorldTrips is designed specifically for these travelers in mind. Get a quote in less than five minutes and get covered for a range of benefits with a plan that is designed exclusively for digital nomads. Being familiar with the benefits of nomad health insurance could help you travel confidently wherever your work takes you. Get a free quote today!

Why You Can Trust WorldTrips Travel Insurance Wherever You Work

Whether your office is a coffee shop today, a library tomorrow, or a co-working space next week, WorldTrips can make sure you never have to worry about where your adventures take place. We offer flexible coverage options for any kind of traveler. Many of our plans offer various levels of coverage so you can choose the amount that best fits your travel needs and your budget. Travelers taking a single trip abroad for work should consider Atlas Nomads.

Frequent international travelers taking multiple international trips will appreciate the convenient, one-time payment provided by our Atlas MultiTrip plan so you can rest easy knowing you have travel medical coverage for any number of last-minute trips abroad.

The Benefits of Nomad Insurance

Remote work has exploded over the last few years, and an increasing number of professionals are choosing to work remotely across various locations. The freedom to attend a meeting virtually from a Paris apartment, present on quarterly earnings from an Airbnb in Rio, or interview candidates from a café in San Diego is more possible than ever. 

However, this unconventional lifestyle presents unique risks that might require insurance coverage that typical health insurance policies don't provide. Remote workers, or digital nomads, along with other individuals like freelancers and expatriates, often grapple with inconsistencies and gaps in insurance coverage. This is often due to differing medical facilities and healthcare systems across different countries. 

Digital nomad insurance, unlike regular health insurance, is tailored to the needs of digital nomads in that a single plan can provide worldwide coverage to ensure nomads can operate freely and securely across different locations. 

WorldTrips is proud to provide digital nomad insurance, or remote work insurance, to mitigate financial risks for individuals constantly on the move. This insurance service includes:

  • Emergency medical coverage
  • Coverage for travel mishaps
  • Travel assistance services

Solutions like Atlas NomadsTM from WorldTrips® can provide a financial safety net for unexpected injury and illness while digital nomads live and work abroad.


DO I REALLY NEED NOMAD INSURANCE? Illness or injury can occur anytime and anywhere. Purchasing health coverage while leading a nomadic lifestyle is a smart investment in your financial future as a traveler. A nomad insurance plan like Atlas Nomads provides emergency medical coverage as well as other crucial benefits like emergency medical evacuation, trip interruption, and crisis response.


What Is Included with Nomad Insurance?

Digital nomads value flexibility and efficiency in managing their day-to-day responsibilities so that more time can be allotted to exploring their temporary home. By no means a traditional setup, this offbeat lifestyle requires unconventional arrangements, and an essential one is nomad insurance. 

Developed to cater to the unique needs of globetrotters, nomad insurance ventures beyond traditional insurance policies by providing coverage for nomads wherever they travel next.

Let’s look at some of the key benefits you will find in a nomad health insurance plan.


Emergency Medical Coverage

The primary purpose of nomad insurance is to provide medical coverage where your primary health insurance likely cannot – outside of your home country. Atlas Nomads features up to $250,000 of emergency medical coverage for sudden and unexpected health conditions that require immediate attention and intervention, such as a broken leg while hiking the trails of Peru during a break from work.

Nomad insurance plans, like Atlas Nomads, can cover a range of medical expenses, including:

  • Local ambulance
  • Hospital room and board
  • Surgery, X-rays, and physician charges
  • Intensive care unit
  • Urgent care center
  • Outpatient physical therapy and chiropractic care
  • Emergency dental


Emergency Travel Coverage

In addition to offering emergency medical coverage, remote work insurance plans offer a range of benefits designed for the unique situations that might arise for nomads. These benefits can help alleviate the financial hurdles that could stem from emergencies abroad.

Atlas Nomads features coverage for a range of travel-related expenses, like:

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Terrorism
  • Political evacuation
  • Trip interruption
  • Travel delay
  • Lost checked luggage
  • Lost or stolen passport/travel visa
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Common carrier accidental death
  • Local burial or cremation
  • Natural disaster replacement accommodations
  • Crisis response
  • Emergency reunion
  • Bedside visit
  • Return of minor children


Travel Assistance Services  

A bonus feature for some travel medical insurance plans is their travel assistance services. All WorldTrips travel insurance plans come with complementary travel assistance services provided by our world-class travel experts. Our team is available to support you through a variety of travel mishaps and offers 24/7 support in case of an emergency.

Atlas Nomads digital nomad insurance features a team of customer service experts who can support you by providing:

  • Customers service and emergency travel assistance
  • Tracking for lost luggage
  • Lost passport and travel documents assistance
  • Embassy and consulate referrals
  • Translation and interpretation assistance
  • Prescription drug replacement
  • And more!

The landscape of nomad health insurance is evolving. Unlike many companies that offer only traditional insurance policies, WorldTrips offers a remote work health insurance solution to meet the unique needs of globetrotting professionals.


How to Buy and Use Atlas Nomads Travel Medical Insurance

Beyond offering benefits that are specifically suited to those working abroad, WorldTrips understands the unique challenges that nomads face. Digital nomads are busy with work and travel and don’t want to waste time dealing with travel insurance that’s difficult to use and understand. For that reason, Atlas Nomads was designed in a way that suits the lifestyle of digital nomads.

First, it takes less than five minutes to get a quote for your health insurance policy. Just fill out the details for your travel plans and you’ll get a quote for the cost of your policy instantly.

Second, Atlas Nomads is great for last-minute trips. If you need coverage immediately because you’ve just landed in a new country, you can get coverage as soon as your payment clears. We’re just as flexible as you are.

Third, Atlas Nomads features a monthly payment option. This means you can pay for your plan upfront or in monthly installments just like any of your other subscription services.

Finally, you can easily submit claims and manage your policy using our online Member Portal. Access policy documents (i.e., ID card, visa letter, and fulfillment documents), submit a claim, check your claim status, update your address, or renew/extend your policy all from Member Portal.


How Much Does Nomad Health Insurance Cost?

Many remote workers spend their free time exploring their new location. Whether they’re visiting local tourist attractions in their new city or seeking off-the-beaten-track adventures, minimizing other expenses is a must. When considering the nomad health insurance cost, don’t fret.

Plans like Atlas Nomads start at just over a dollar a day, meaning the benefits of nomad insurance can quickly outweigh the cost. Keep in mind, the cost for your unique plan can vary based on the length of coverage, location, and other individual factors. Getting a quote for an Atlas Nomads plan is free and has no commitment. You can easily know exactly how much your global health insurance for nomads will cost before committing to any plan.


Digital Nomad Health Coverage in Action

The allure of global health insurance for nomads is its wide geographical scope. Unlike traditional insurance, which might only provide coverage within certain territories, international nomad coverage has no borders. That means remote workers can work from virtually anywhere, whether that's a cafe in Paris, a co-working space in Tokyo, or a beach in Bali. 

But how would nomad emergency medical coverage work in action? Here are a couple scenarios where travelers could benefit from short-term nomad insurance:

  • Suppose you become ill while working remotely in a region with a limiting medical infrastructure that is not properly equipped to take care of you. In such a case, Atlas Nomads could cover the cost of necessary emergency medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility with the doctors and technology required to treat you. 

  • Let’s say you sustain a nasty ankle injury while hiking in Bali. Luckily there’s a hospital not too far from your Airbnb. While your primary health insurance will likely not cover the cost of the hospital visit because it is outside of your home country, your Atlas Nomads insurance could.


Get a Free Quote for a Nomad Insurance Plan from WorldTrips Today

The digital nomad lifestyle is very alluring to the adventurous spirit. Don’t let a concern like an injury be the thing that prevents you from making your remote travel dreams possible. Get a quick quote from WorldTrips today for digital nomad insurance coverage. 

By offering a policy that extends beyond borders with unique benefits tailored to nomads’ needs, nomad insurance plans can ease anxieties and complications associated with traditional insurance, offering a sense of security and freedom. 

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