20 Non-Health-Related Resolutions

Lauren McNitt
20 Non-Health-Related Resolutions

Do you find you're always making health-related goals, and need some new ideas for good New Year's resolutions for 2017? Here are 20 non-health related New Year's goals that can help you have a better year.


1. Save for a big trip: Have you been longing to take a vacation, but never have the money? Calculate what the trip will cost, calculate what you'll need to save, and then set a monthly budget that will get you there in 2017.

female backpacker cheering on mountain2. Travel to a place on your bucket list: You've always wanted to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, or to visit the ancient Burmese temple city of Bagan, but these dreams always seem so far off. In reality, you are likely the only obstacle to you going to these places. Make 2016 your year with one of the best new year resolutions on this list.

3. Travel somewhere you've always been in awe of: Have you always wanted to leave your home country, but been too intimidated to go alone? This is the year to join a tour group. Or have you always thought about going to to an international festival, but something has held you back? Grab a dance buddy and go!

4. Do something you've always been to scared to do: It could be as normal as speaking public, or as extreme as bungee jumping, but pick something you've always been scared of doing and go for it.


5. Take more time for friends and family: Americans tend to work more than 40 hours a week and often don't take all their vacation. This year, make spending time with those who matter one of your goals for the new year. Have a weekly lunch with your friends, be home for dinner with your family, or spend Sundays with your parents.

friends around a campfire6. Start a journal: Whether you spend two minutes or 20 minutes, jot down something in a daily journal. It could be a stream of consciousness, a re-cap of your day, or ideas you came up with that day. Just put a pen to paper and see what happens!

7. Set a weekly date night with your significant other: How many weeks do you spend just quick moments with your boyfriend, wife, or partner because of work or other engagements? Take one night every week, and make it date night.

8. Pick up the house for 20 minutes every day: You can do a lot in minutes to make your living space less stressful and more enjoyable by just picking up here and there, putting away clothing, emptying the dishwasher or sorting the mail.


9. Take up a new hobby: Never had a green thumb? Well, this is your year to become a gardener! There are many organizations in communities that give free or discounted programs to teach or promote hobbies such as gardening, knitting, photography, hiking, or yoga.

woman chopping carrots10. Join a book club: Do you want to read more, but need something to make you accountable? Join a book club, or better yet, start one.

11. Cook a new recipe once a week: Apps like Big Oven, sites like Yummly, and food blogs like Love and Lemons and Nom Nom Paleo are just some examples of the many ways to find great recipes. With Big Oven, you can also add recipes from elsewhere on the internet, add them to your "to try" list and add them to your meal planner.

12. Learn a new skill: Do you want to learn to code? Or how to start a blog? Or maybe you want to learn how to ski or scuba dive. Choose a new skill and make 2016 the year to learn it.


13. Find your dream job: If Sundays are stressful because you dread what you'll be doing on Monday, it's probably time to evaluate whether your job is for you. Maybe you already know what you want to do, and just need to take the leap. Don't wait for another year to go by; get your dream job this year.

young adults working on laptop14. Be more positive at work: It's easy to get frustrated, nervous and angry at work. Make a pact with yourself to put on a smile and the beginning of every day and keep it going no matter what is thrown at you.

15. Get away from your devices one day once a month: As we become more dependent on our digital technology, this has become one of the top new year resolutions. For your digital detox, turn off your phone, hide the lap top and get away from your devices for 12 or even 24 hours. You'll feel refreshed every time you do it.

16. Don't answer work emails after 8 p.m.: Nothing at 8 p.m. can't wait until tomorrow. If you don't sleep well, this is a great rule to help you wind down before bed and get better sleep.


17. Start an IRA or other retirement account: If you don't have a retirement account, start one! While living in the present is great, you don't want to find yourself in a bind in the future. You're never too young to start saving.

woman paying bills on laptop18. Start a monthly budget and stick to it: Apps like Mint can be helpful in creating a budget and tracking your spending. It will even send you notifications warning you if you're getting close to your budget in a certain category. It also lets you plan ahead for big spending events like insurance payments, car registration, taxes and more.

19. Pay bills within two days of getting them: Don't let bills hang over your head. Send the check out the door the day after you get the bill, and it will be off your plate. Even better, set up auto-pay for your recurring bills.

20. Put a set amount in a savings account every month: Start a savings account that is separate from your retirement account. This can be for something fun such as a vacation or a rainy day, or it can be for more practical items like plumbing emergencies or your children's college.

Now that you have 20 New Year's resolution ideas, start choosing which will make 2017 your best year yet.

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