Family Travel with Kids

Kristen Kaweck
Family Travel with Kids

With holiday seasons fast approaching, you are probably preparing for travel. But family travel with kids can be difficult and frustrating if you let it. Family travel with kids can also be an incredibly fun time.

Here are a few tips to making your travel experiences smoother and more fun:

Plan Ahead

Begin planning your trip well in advance. If you are planning to travel over the upcoming holidays, then start planning right away. Think about how you are getting to your destinations and begin thinking about the different things you may want to do.

Choose as a Family

When you begin thinking about where you are traveling, include the whole family. Make everyone feel like they are included in the process and try and choose a location that everyone will enjoy!

Flying or Driving?

One of the more important decisions you have is how you will travel. If you are going far, then flying might be cheaper, especially if you book your flights well in advance. If you do not like flying or if you are not going very far, driving might be your best option.

Keep Kids Entertained

No matter how you decide to travel, make sure your kids are entertained. This might mean bringing travel-sized games, DVDs, and small toys that are good for the car or the airplane.

Bring Snacks

Again, no matter if you fly or drive, be sure you have snacks prepared and handy for your kids. They may get cranky and rowdy if they do not have small snacks or drinks available to them.

Plan Some Stops

If you are driving and the trip is going to take a while, you should consider stopping along the way to see some sites. This might make the drive time longer, but it will help break up the driving and make sitting in the car much more bearable.

Surprise Your Kids

Your kids would love it if when you get to your destination there is a surprise waiting for them. That may mean planning a fun tour they don't know about, or arranging to have a car service pick you up at the airport. It does not need to be an expensive surprise, just something that might make the trip more memorable for them.

Do you have any family trip tips or secrets for making the trip go smoothly? Share your advice in the comments section below!

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