How To Travel With a Suit

Jarred Juett
How To Travel With a Suit

Anyone who travels for business already knows the hassle of trying to pack a suit. Without a doubt, you have found some great method of rolling, folding, or vacuum packing your suit. Maybe your method involves using towels, tissue paper, or rolled up socks. However, you have likely discovered that this process is time consuming and realized it does not always prevent wrinkles the way you wish it did. Hopefully after reading this article, you'll be better versed in how to travel with a suit.

Here are a few helpful tips that will save you time and help you avoid wrinkles:

Wear Your Suit

A suit may not be the most comfortable thing to drive or fly in, but it will save you time and you will not have to worry about packing it. Often we find ourselves pressed for time when packing, so by wearing your suit you avoid the hassle of packing it. If you are going for a quick trip, it might make more sense to wear your suit rather than spend the time packing too much clothing.

Use a Garment Bag

They may not look very stylish and they can be a little awkward to carry, but a garment bag is a great way to transport a suit and keep it wrinkle-free. Typically a garment bag comes with your suit when you buy it, but you might consider spending a little money for a nicer bag. With a garment bag you can keep your entire suit (including: shirts, ties, pants, jacket, and shoes) all in one place.

If you ask nicely, a flight attendant might even be kind enough to place your garment bag in the closet at the front of the plane. If you are traveling by car, a garment bag should hang nicely in the back seat or you can lay it across the seat.

Use a Roll-Up Garment Bag

These bags typically cost a little more than a traditional garment bag, but the money is often well worth it. Instead of having to worry about where you are going to store your upright garment bag, these bags simply roll up and save space. They have special compartments for your ties, jacket, pants, and shirts. Once you have everything in the bag, it rolls up, and you are ready to go!

Traveling with a suit does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Instead of taking all that extra time folding your suit, simply spend a little money, which in the long run will probably make the most sense, and travel without worrying about wrinkles.

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