Trips for Seniors

Kristen Kaweck
Trips for Seniors

Trips for seniors are in abundance, because the amount of seniors that travel are enough to surprise us. These mature travelers and mature business travelers are what we consider as seniors. It is clear that senior travel is a huge percentage of the U.S. population.

Those born before 1946 are referred to as "mature travelers." They represent 21 percent of all leisure travelers. Those who travel in this group take an average of 4.1 leisure trips each year. Mature travelers also makes up 14 percent of business travelers. Mature business travelers take an average of 6.7 business trips each year.

Those born from 1946 through 1954, known as "older boomers" make up 15 percent of leisure travelers and take an average of 4.4 leisure trips each year. Older Boomers also represent 16 percent of all business travelers and these travelers take an average of 10.1 business trips each year.

Here's a look at information on the different types of traveling common among senior citizens.

Leisure Travel for Seniors

Today's seniors are choosing to enjoy their golden years traveling. Many seniors have retired and are looking change their usual routines. It is not uncommon for seniors to participate in adventure and explorer travel trips. Hiking, sailing, photography, cruises, and rock climbing are all common travel adventures seniors sign up for.

With the given time they have, the huge senior travel market participates in many leisure trips. Common trips for seniors are listed below.

  • 8-Day Northumberland Coast Castle Tour
  • 11-Day Tour of Iceland
  • 5-Day Lewis &; Clark Expedition
  • 15-day yacht tour in Turkey

Business Travel for Seniors

Since 30% of traveleing businessmen are seniors, we've compiled a handful of traveling business blogs to help you with your travels. If you travel for business frequently, knowing How to Pack a Suitcase for Business Travel is absolutely essential. Chuck Gose, a frequent business traveler, explains in this video how to pack properly when it comes to business travel.

There are lots of stereotypes and myths. We are breaking down the process for people who travel for business in our blog post Busting Myths for Travel for Business.

Packing for a Business Trip is a great post that provides a great checklist to make sure that you don't forget anything. Depending on your traveling experience level, this HCCMIS infographic on work travel can help you travel for work without any hassle.

The infographic provides packing methods as well as helpful smartphone apps that you can use to organize, plan, and save money on your trip. Business travelers already have their work cut out for them; by using these blog posts we can save you time and energy during your travels.

Discounts for Seniors

When it comes to senior travel, discounts are not sparse! Being one of the largest travel demographics has its perks. Make sure that you use your resources and travel using the discounts available to you.

Many resorts, hotels, restaurants, tour operators, transportation carriers, and other travel providers offer special travel discounts for older travelers. and have email newsletters that keep you up to date on travel discounts.

Check out this blog post on how and where senior travelers can save — specifically on their flights. This post lists which airlines currently offer elderly passengers incentives to fly. also has incredible resources for seniors on their website such as a traveling abroad tips for seniors downloadable document.

In many cases, if the person purchasing the tickets or trip is the right age to qualify for the senior travel discount, a traveling companion or the rest of the party will be entitled to the same reduced rates, no matter what their ages.


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