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It's common for professionals to take multiple trips a year for their business. Whether you're closing a deal or networking with other professionals, international travel can be a proactive means of nurturing company success.

However, different countries possess unique risks that can hinder your ability to work. Even with health insurance coverage in your home country, you may not be covered for medical costs while traveling internationally. These unforeseen ailments and additional expenses can make it difficult to focus on the main purpose of your business trip.

Atlas MultiTrip can be your personal “risk assistant” so you can focus on producing results for your business. You’ll pay once and receive 364 days of coverage for any number of international trips up to 30 or 45 days each – whichever you elect – without the hassle of insuring each trip individually.

Focus on your purpose. Get the job done. Let Atlas MultiTrip help manage the travel risks for each of your business ventures.

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Travel Medical Insurance for Business Travelers: Frequently Asked Questions

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