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Plan Your Ecotourism Trip to Brazil in 2023

Ecotourism, although nothing new, has more people becoming environmentally conscious, especially when visiting other countries. Brazil is known for its ecotourism efforts and places a high priority on their culture and preserving nature. Get in the know about Brazil’s ecotourism industry and discover which companies to check out and ideas for how you can reduce your travel footprint.

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Everything You Need to Know About Ecotourism in Brazil

Research shows the second most popular reason foreign travelers visit Brazil is for nature, ecotourism, or adventure. What is ecotourism? It’s responsible travel that focuses on environmental conservation and education. It also helps in promoting sustainability for the local community to sustain its economy. 

Ecotourism in Brazil is one of the many things to do in Brazil that allows travelers to immerse themselves in the natural habitat and forests. It provides people with a greater understanding of the native culture and emphasizes the importance of respecting your ecological surroundings.

There are some pros and cons of ecotourism that travelers should take into consideration prior to booking a trip. The benefits include its positive impact on the culture of the community and the opportunity for travelers to learn about the ecosystem while increasing their awareness of natural resources. On the other hand, ecotourism can potentially strip away resources, causing a degradation of the environment. This could also force locals to be displaced from their native areas.

Review “The Pros and Cons of Ecotourism” to ensure your ecotourism trip is as ethical and sustainable as possible.


Brazil has a booming ecotourism industry in place with many attractions like the biodiverse Amazon Rainforest, as well as other opportunities like wilderness spaces, a national park conservation system, breathtaking waterfalls and lakes, and accommodations that offer the whole package for a sustainable ecotourism trip. As one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in the world, it’s hard to go wrong.

Make sure you read up on Brazil nature tours reviews to see which companies are the most ethical and sustainable and really take ecotourism seriously (because yes, there are imposters). You can also partner with a reputable Brazil travel agency that specializes in ecotourism to make sure you are booked in places that care about sustainability and protecting the environment.

Now let’s cover the important details and recommendations you need for a successful ecotourism trip to Brazil.

ecotourist looking at christ the redeemer statue in rio de janeiro


10 Brazil Nature Facts to Know Before You Visit

A world leader in biodiversity, there are many reasons why Brazil is at the top of the list for ecotourism destinations. Here are 10 facts about Brazil and Brazil nature facts to get you started with learning about the country:

  • There are more than 130,000 living species of fauna and flora.
  • The Amazon Rainforest has more than 10% of all the species in the world.
  • 25% of all today’s modern drugs come from Amazon Rainforest plants.
  • Brazil is the largest country in South America.
  • 60% of the Amazon Rainforest is located in Brazil.
  • Brazil has the second-longest river in the world.
  • There are four time zones in the country.
  • The country has more than 400 airports.
  • Brazil has one of the largest economies in the world.
  • The country is tropical and has parts that are rainforest, parts that are mountainous, and parts that are desert.

While the country is widely known for its dense forests, there are plenty of additional landscapes to learn about and see, including large wetlands, pine forests, a coastal plain, and more.

The physical features of the country can be classified into five areas:
  • Coastal lowlands
  • Guiana Highlands in the north
  • Amazon lowlands
  • Brazilian Highlands
  • Pantanal in the central-west



Brazilian Climate

The Brazil climate varies but is usually humid and subtropical. The north and central parts of the country have a lot of rainfall and high temperatures. Summer lasts from December to March, and winter is from June to September. Depending on the region, the climate varies, but the summers are usually very hot.

The unique climate of Brazil is the perfect breeding ground for a variety of ecological environments. It’s one of the many reasons why Brazil is such an ideal location for ecotourism.


Brazilian Culture

Ecotourism trips often include some cultural immersion into Brazil’s culture too. You’ll find it to be a lively place full of delicious food, carnivals, and dance music. In fact, Brazil has the biggest carnival in the world – Rio Carnival.

The Portuguese culture is dominant, but there are mixes of African, Portuguese, and indigenous populations, as well as a variety of other cultures that create the modern Brazilian society. Allow yourself to immerse in the Brazilian culture while traveling. Take time to eat locally sourced foods and support the economy by visiting local businesses.


What to Know About Ecotourism in Brazil

When it comes to ecotourism in Brazil, the industry is a major draw, and there are thousands of tourists that come to visit for the very purpose of ecotourism every year.

Brazil offers a variety of activities that promote ecotourism. There are many things to do and see in Brazil, including hiking and visiting top attractions like Sugarloaf Mountain, Iguazu Falls, the Redeemer, Lago Negro, and other places.

Here are some other areas you may consider:

  • Tijuca National Park is a very popular attraction that has waterfalls, tropical birds, plants, and springs. It is a huge forest that provides protection to help with the ecosystem.
  • The Amazon Rainforest and places in the Pantanal are among the most popular places in Brazil.
  • Explore the many beaches in Brazil along the coastline.
  • The regions designed for ecotourism are the coastline and oceanic islands, Pantanal, Amazonia, Savanna and Plateau, Atlantic Forest, and Mountain Regions.

In a country that occupies nearly 50% of the South American continent, you’ll also have many things to see and do in the local communities. Ecotourism can look vastly different in different regions of the country. Full-day tours of different cities and destinations are one of the best things to do in Brazil and often include visiting Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana Beach.

Chapada Diamantina National Park, filled with caves with pools to swim in, the Ilha Grande Beach, and the sand dunes in Natal are all must-see spots. Pantanal is a unique landscape featuring the world’s largest tropical wetland and the world’s largest flooded grasslands. You’ll have a variety of options to choose from when deciding what to do for your ecotourism travels in Brazil.

ecotourism in brazil featured image of friends in ouro verde do oeste brazil


Best Brazil Tour Companies

When it comes to the best Brazil tour companies, there are a few that can give you a complete ecotourism experience. One of the first things you want to do is look at the tour company reviews to see which companies do it best, what they offer, how much you may expect to pay, how long your tour will be, and more.

There are many types of tour companies, including those that are marine based, those that offer more adventure than others, those that are more educational, and those that showcase the cultural aspects of the country.

Here are some Brazil tours that may interest you:

  • Charlie the Traveler – This is a cultural adventure that lasts between 10 and 11 days. It offers two different tours in Brazil.

  • Signature Tours – Tourists have 12 tour options to choose from that last between four and six days. These Brazilian travel adventure styles include culture, nature, and adventure, as well as including many other activities.

  • Nattrip – These 12 tours are cultural and promote nature and adventure. The tour length is from 3 to 12 days.

  • Bamba – Offering many different experiences, Bamba has over 24 tours in Brazil lasting from 3 to 13 days. Their adventure styles range from cultural to nature and adventure.

  • On the Go Tours – Get on-the-go with two tours in Brazil that last between 10 and 12 days.

These are just a variety of Brazil trip ideas for you to consider. Most of these tour companies are rated platinum, gold, and silver – platinum being top-tier with an enhanced experience, gold being a great experience, and silver being a good experience. These rankings can help ensure you have the best information possible and can plan your trip with reputable companies that understand the landscape and have a reputation for giving you your money’s worth.


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Top Brazil Nature Tours

Nature tours are plentiful in Brazil. If you’re looking for Brazil nature tours offered as part of Brazil travel packages, you may want to work with a travel agent that understands exactly what you want to do. Brazil Nature Tours is a company specifically designed to offer ecotourism packages in Brazil that will take you through Pantanal, which has the biggest concentration of wildlife. This would be a destination included in one of the wildlife vacation packages. Other destinations include the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, or the iconic Foz do Iguassu.

There are many types of programs available. If you’re looking for extreme vacation packages, the Jaguar Safari Tour is one that will allow you to observe jaguars and giant otters. This is a 7-day, 6-night tour where you’ll hike, go piranha fishing, take a canoe tour, and more.

If you’re looking for adventure vacation packages, there’s nothing like the South Pantanal & Bonito Tour where you’ll experience horseback riding, boat rides, birdwatching, a photo safari, local excursions, and cave exploration.

Additional Brazil Nature Tours include:

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