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Gearing up for the study abroad venture of your dreams? Whether you’re just starting to nail down your living arrangements or you’ve already begun packing your bags, it probably seems like there are still thousands of items on your to-do list.

One item that should not be overlooked is study abroad insurance.

If you travel overseas without health insurance, you could end up responsible for expenses resulting from unanticipated medical treatment. That’s why it’s vital that you know whether your domestic health plan provides adequate coverage abroad.

If your international coverage is limited or nonexistent, you’ll need to look for a health plan that provides adequate medical benefits – and one that meets your school and visa requirements!

Check out the frequently-asked questions below to learn what’s available to you—and discover why StudentSecure® may be the ideal international student health plan for you!


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globe-icon.jpgInternational coverage for the trip of a lifetime.

“Although essential for any traveler, if you plan on heading into rural areas, using local transport, or doing any sort of activity where safety precautions are needed (this even extends to walking and hiking), then having travel insurance will be as necessary as having your passport.”

— Laura Tucker,

Health Insurance for Study Abroad: Frequently Asked Questions

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