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Solo Travelers, Find Your Perfect Travel Group for Exploring the World

Love to travel but can’t seem to get your group together for a trip? Go solo! Believe it or not, solo travel is becoming quite popular for free spirits who want to explore and experience the world. There are many groups you can join as well to meet new people who are just as passionate about traveling as you are.

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Travel Groups for Solo Travelers

There are many reasons why a traveler might decide to travel solo. You might be interested in the freedom to go wherever you want and do whatever you please. Between varying work schedules, commitments, and ideas about what makes a good trip, traveling with friends or family might be too complicated or stressful to figure out. Or you may just need some time away for yourself.

Even as a solo traveler, you may consider joining a travel group to meet new people, to hand off the responsibility of planning to a professional travel organization, or to feel a sense of security often appreciated when traveling with a group.

And there are so many travel groups for solo travelers and adventures for singles available. Find your travel tribe that aligns with your unique travel passions and visit destinations across the globe together.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best travel groups, solo travel websites, and companies that are making a splash.

  • Intrepid Travel – Listed as one of the best travel companies for solo travelers, Intrepid Travel hosts over 1,000 trips visiting every continent on planet Earth. Safety is the name of their game. This company partners with locals and establishes a set itinerary to make sure everyone is responsible and safe.

  • Go Ahead Tours – Go Ahead Tours features small group tours around the world, with local tour guides to show you around the city, authentic meals throughout the trip, and comfortable transportation. Find a number of tours specifically marketed to solo travelers, too.

  • Wild Women Expeditions – Women looking for adventure can find it with this travel group, which markets itself as a host for “safe, empowering, and exhilarating ways for women to escape the ordinary and explore the world.” Great for women of all ages, they have trips to over 27 destinations all over the world.

  • Black Girls Travel Too – Lauded as one of the best travel groups since 2015, Black Girls Travel Too was established for black women who want to see the world. It offers trips to locations across the globe while also serving as a support group for black women who love to travel. Local meetups keep the group close-knit.

  • G Adventures – Looking for something small and intimate? G Adventures caters to groups looking for a theme, like wellness trips or age-based trips. Its main goal is to provide a customized experience for the solo traveler.

  • Exodus Travels – Designed to provide a sense of security and freedom for the solo traveler, Exodus Travels mixes things up with trips for groups of friends, solo travelers, and couples.


Solo Travel Packages

When planning a trip as a single person, consider multiple travel packages before you commit to one. Most travel packages offer a roundtrip ticket based on where you are coming from and are usually 3-to-6 nights at the destination.

A perk about solo travel packages is the intimate settings you get to see. From bed and breakfasts to off-the-beaten-path stops, these packages offer a lot more than ordinary sights.

Guided trips can be a good thing—especially when traveling solo—but there are always a few things to consider and remember:

  • Destination – Start your trip planning by researching destinations you may be interested in visiting. Consider aspects of the destination like costs (accommodations, transportation, meals, etc.), seasonal weather, general safety, etc.

    A site like Budget Your Trip can provide you with examples of various costs from international destinations. The U.S. Department of State can provide you with safety information regarding your destination. (Visit travel.state.gov, click “International Travel,” click “Country Information,” and search for your potential destination country.) Also check out the best places to go for solo travelers according to U.S. News.

  • Budget – Plan your budget accordingly, and then start saving your money in preparation for the trip. Budgeting for the trip before you go will help mitigate the risk of unforeseen financial obligations during your trip. Thankfully, travel packages often make it easier to know exactly how much your trip will cost because of the flat fee associated with the package. However, make sure you consider additional expenses outside of your package price, which may include souvenirs, local transportation, and/or additional meals.

  • Insurance – Consider purchasing a trip cancellation insurance plan to reimburse your trip deposits in case an emergency causes you to cancel your trip. (Note that you must cancel for a reason covered by your insurance plan, unless you add optional Trip Cancellation for Any Reason coverage—learn more here). Your trip cancellation plan may also provide some emergency medical coverage while you are traveling.

    Anything can happen, especially when out of the country. If you are on a tighter budget and don’t need cancellation coverage, you may want to consider a travel medical insurance plan to cover emergency medical expenses while abroad. These could include hospitalization and physician costs due to unexpected injury or illness and more.

  • PackingPack light and smart, and only take what you need to remain comfortable and stylish. Toting around multiple suitcases by yourself can get annoying very quickly.

  • Identity Protection – Protect your identity by getting a VPN if you need to do online transactions while traveling. Additionally, make sure you have a photocopy of your passport handy just in case it is lost or stolen while in transit.


Solo Travel Groups for 20s and 30s

Travel groups for singles can be exciting. There are solo travel groups 20s love and solo travel groups 30s love because they are directly targeted toward unique experiences and big adventures.

These trips will have you traveling to places like Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and Central America. These groups emphasize the best single travel while considering a budget that may be a little tighter than older travelers’ budgets.

Here are some solo travel groups to consider in your 20s and 30s:

  • Under 30 Experiences – This small group tour for single travelers specializes in authentic experiences for those between 21 and 35. As a premier travel group for singles in their 20s and 30s, it has explored 21 countries and counting and offers amazing deals—plus a weekly newsletter to keep everyone notified of what’s coming next.
  • Contiki – This group’s motto is “travel with no regrets” and makes all their trips worthwhile. It’s one of the more popular options among students because of its student discounts.
  • For the Love of Travel – This travel company organizes group trips that are for people ages 25-39, with curated trips to destinations like Greece, Croatia, Jordan, Ireland, the Amalfi Coast, the South of France, and more.

  • Travendly – This company caters to young professionals in their mid-twenties to late thirties and takes its groups all over the world.

  • Topdeck Travel – Another option for the 18-to-30-something crowd, Topdeck Travel encourages you to “Embrace it all. Say yes to culture. Say yes to history. Say yes to the new and the exotic. Don’t just skim the surface, experience every moment to the fullest.” These trips are specifically designed for solo travelers who want to explore the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and Africa.


Travel Groups for Singles Over 40 and 50

Not to be ignored, there are tons of travel groups for singles over 40 and travel groups for singles over 50 as well. One benefit of travel for this age group is that middle-aged travelers often have more disposable income to make their trip experiences memorable.

You will get to experience the best bus tours and the best resorts for singles over 50 because you can book a longer trip that includes more destinations and experiences. You’re also more likely to know exactly what you do want from a trip—and what you don’t.

Travel groups for adults over 40 and travel groups for adults over 50 offer a variety of trip types, from walking vacations and wildlife tours to cycling vacations and cultural trips. Some itineraries are packed full of nonstop adventure, while others leave plenty of time for you to go off and do your own thing.

Tours are available to every part of the world, including Asia, Central America, the Middle East, North America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and to the North Pole.

Here are a few companies that make travel dreams in this age group come true:

  • Expedition Wild Tours – This company’s tour guides offer last-minute getaways, family vacations, and tours for singles. Holiday packages are available for those who want to fly solo and accommodate all types of activities, like mountain climbing, diving, paragliding, and skiing.

  • Explore WorldWide – This small group adventure tour company is a great option for single travelers who are on their first solo trip, or who want to meet people. Its trips usually accommodate 12 people per group so you can quickly get to know your fellow travelers and bond on a deeper level. Explore Worldwide schedules tours that still allow time for solo travelers to explore sights on their own time. From cultural discovery trips to active safaris, the people who book with this company are never disappointed.

  • Eldertreks – Eldertreks is a travel group for adults over 50 who are looking for adventure in one of 100 different countries. Groups travel in a small group setting filled with expeditions, hiking, cultural experiences, wildlife safaris, and more. There are different levels of groups depending on how active the group is.

  • Adventures Abroad – This group has trips for travelers aged 50+ that can take them to every continent to learn about its history. This trip is designed for active seniors who love to be on the go.


Singles Travel Groups Over 60

If you think there aren’t any single travel groups for those over 60, you are mistaken. There are tons of vacations for singles over 60 in the U.S., tours for over 60s traveling the world in an over 60 travel club, and tours for seniors traveling alone.

It’s not unheard of to see an uptick in solo travel tours for seniors and companies specializing in senior travel groups for singles because older travelers and retirees tend to have more time and truly appreciate what other countries have to offer. They are often finished working and raising families and want to get out there and experience the world.

If you’ve been googling terms like “single travel groups over 60” or “solo travel tours for seniors,” look no further: we’ve compiled a list of some of the best travel groups for single seniors and travel tours for singles over 60:

  • Walking the World – This tour company offers hiking and walking tours for people who enjoy nature and national parks in the U.S. All trips are scouted in detail and designed with senior travelers in mind.

  • Road Scholar – This tour group offers historical trips, cruises, national park trips, and trips to other ideal locations for this age group to explore.
  • Firebird Tours – This is a small group tour company that takes its travelers to exotic locations like Morocco, North America, Europe, the Middle East, and more. These tour guides prioritize comfort, value, quality, and providing a cultural experience. They also arrange private family tours.

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