When planning a trip, you can leave a lot to chance. With travel insurance from WorldTrips, you can protect your trip investment from many unexpected factors. Bad weather, canceled excursions, a sudden sickness, or an accident that can happen when you least expect it. Travelers are often frustrated when these things happen because they find they are not eligible for a refund or are responsible for bills they weren’t prepared for.

At WorldTrips we offer both travel medical and trip insurance plans that provide a variety of coverage options and benefits so you can be more prepared for the unexpected while traveling.

Who Would Benefit the Most From Travel Insurance?

There are lots of occasions and ways to travel. Travel protection allows you to account for the unforeseen with different coverages based on which plan you choose. There are many situations where travel insurance can come in handy.


Cruises and all-inclusive resorts often come with a high price tag. Travel protection insurance can help if you miss a flight, or your checked luggage goes missing.


If your ideal vacation is exploring a new city or backpacking to new heights, a twisted ankle could cut your trip short.


Hospital bills in a foreign country could be a costly expense. Many people don’t realize that their domestic healthcare may not cover them abroad.


International students visiting the United States or Europe for an extended period of time may need travel medical insurance to meet visa requirements.

Explore WorldTrips’ Travel Insurance Plans

The term “travel insurance” encompasses a wide range of plans designed for different travel needs. A family visiting their child in the United States might need more medical coverage to meet visa requirements than a business executive traveling to Japan for a conference who is relying on his suits in his checked bag to make a good impression.

Travel medical insurance, trip insurance, trip interruption insurance, and international student insurance all have different benefits, coverages, and applicable deductibles for you to compare.

What Is Travel Medical Insurance?

Travel medical insurance is available to U.S. residents and residents of most other countries who will be taking a trip outside of their home country.

In Europe, there are several countries that require citizens of certain nationalities to have medical insurance coverage for the Schengen visa. The same is true for many United States visas as well. Being without medical insurance in a foreign country could result in high medical costs.

WorldTrips offers two key travel medical insurance plans for single trips abroad: Atlas Travel® and Atlas Premium™. Atlas Travel is our most popular travel medical plan, while Atlas Premium provides elite coverage with higher benefit limits.

For frequent travelers, Atlas MultiTrip™ is our annual travel medical insurance plan that can follow you no matter how many times and almost wherever you travel throughout the year. Atlas Nomads™ is nomad insurance for non-U.S. residents who are working outside of their home country and need travel medical insurance. For groups of 5 or more, Atlas Group® can provide travel medical coverage for the entire party under one policy at a reduced rate.

What Is Trip Insurance?

Trip insurance from WorldTrips is for U.S. residents only. Our trip cancellation insurance line of plans is called Atlas Journey®, and it can be valuable to travelers going overseas or within in the country. These plans include a trip cancellation benefit which can reimburse you for prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses if your trip is canceled for a covered reason.

Atlas Journey plans are an option for cruises and destinations where there may be inclement weather that could cause a flight or travel delay. Our three different plans for trip cancelation insurance also have specific medical coverage benefits and offer optional upgrades to enhance your coverage.

What Is Trip Interruption Insurance?

You’ve packed your bags and you’ve arrived at your destination, but you’ve realized you never booked travel insurance. Most travel insurance policies can only be purchased before your departure, but trip interruption insurance can be purchased the day you leave or even after you’ve departed on your trip. It provides next-day coverage to help protect your trip costs if your trip is interrupted for a covered reason.

What Is International Student Insurance?

International students may need to be covered under a travel medical insurance policy to meet visa requirements. StudentSecure offers four plans of international student insurance coverage that are budget-friendly and meets most visa standards for students. If your school offers an international student insurance plan, be sure to compare it to our StudentSecure plans.


All Travel Insurance Policies Offer Travel Assistance Services

When you purchase travel insurance, you expect it to be able to help you in the event of an accident or issue. Travelers can experience a variety of issues on their journeys. Some issues can be medical in nature like from finding a doctor, while others may be non-medical such as locating a lost passport.

WorldTrips includes travel assistance services with all of our policies. Services can vary based on the type of travel insurance chosen.

Travel assistance services provide multilingual assistance to help you 365 days a year. If you ever need access to your travel medical insurance documents or need to make a claim, you can do so easily through our Member Portal.

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Why Should I Get a Travel Insurance Policy From WorldTrips?

There are many travel insurance companies out there to choose from. Make sure you’re picking one that has a reputation for quality and excellent customer service. WorldTrips has been insuring travelers for over 25 years.

USA Today recently named WorldTrips as “the best travel insurance company of 2024, based on our analysis of cost and coverage options.” Discover the distinction in the quality of travel insurance with a quote from WorldTrips today.

“Best Travel Insurance” with two top-rated plans, Atlas Journey Premier and Preferred.


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