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Discover What’s Included in Cruise Travel Insurance for Australia

If you’re thinking about cruising the Australian waters, knowing what types of travel insurance benefits are available to you is key. Cruise travel insurance can provide coverage for situations like an unexpected travel delay, a covered cancellation, or medical treatment if a common shipboard illness sweeps through your cabin. Keep reading to learn more about what cruise insurance is, what it covers, and why you should consider it for your Australia cruise adventure.

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Travel can represent financial risk. No matter your destination, there’s always a chance you could face an unanticipated cancellation, interruption, mishap, or emergency.

WorldTrips offers travel insurance and travel assistance services to guide you through the unexpected and help ease your stress. We enable travelers to explore the world with confidence.

  • A partner when you need it. Contact us anytime and from anywhere. Our multilingual customer support team is on call 24/7 to answer your questions if an emergency arises.

  • A plan to fit you. Choose from several different types of travel insurance with varying coverage levels and optional upgrades to create personalized coverage for your trip.

  • Proof of coverage. Proof of coverage will be delivered to you immediately upon purchase. Easily access your insurance card and visa letter to prove you have coverage throughout your entire trip.

Cruise Travel Insurance Australia: Explore the Australian Waters and Get Coverage for Travel Mishaps

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sail along the waters of Australia while taking in the sights? You aren’t alone. In fact, Australian cruises are projected to grow by 9.65% between 2023 and 2027.

Having cruise insurance that can provide coverage while you’re on the high seas is important. Make finding a good cruise travel insurance for Australia policy a priority in your trip planning process so you have coverage for unexpected trip emergencies.

When thinking about travel insurance, many people consider insurance for flights and international trips, but insurance for cruises is also a consideration.  Did you know the U.S. Department of State advises travelers to “have medical, emergency evacuation, and other insurance to cover unexpected travel expenses when abroad”?  

Read up on the U.S. Department of State’s cruise ship page for tips and advice on cruising safely.


Although not widely broadcast, cruise ship passengers face many of the same issues other people experience when flying, like medical emergencies, cancellations, trip interruptions, and lost, stolen, or damaged luggage.

Having coverage may help ensure your trip isn’t a total bust by providing a refund for covered expenses and missed prepaid excursions if your trip gets delayed, interrupted, or canceled for a covered reason. Sometimes travel mishaps are inevitable, but having a travel insurance plan can relieve some unnecessary stress to your wallet.


Do I Need Travel Insurance for a Cruise in Australian Waters?

As you begin preparing for your cruise, it’s important to know and understand the requirements for travel. The Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care requires a valid passport and a visa or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)  for an overseas cruise in Australia.

One of the first questions you could ask yourself when organizing travel documents is, “Do I need travel insurance for a cruise in Australian waters?” As of (6/29/2023), Australia doesn’t require travelers to purchase travel insurance. There are also no COVID vaccination requirements.

However, the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care recommends travelers get cruise-specific travel insurance that covers the cruise and activities on the shore. The Australian Government will NOT pay for your medical costs or medical evacuation costs, nor will the U.S. government cover medical bills for U.S. travelers abroad.


Does U.S. Health Insurance Cover International Travel?

Many U.S. primary health insurance plans provide little-to-no coverage for travelers once they leave the country. Additionally, Medicare and Medicaid do not provide coverage overseas. If you hold a primary health insurance plan in the U.S., review your plan’s details on international coverage to help you determine what kind of coverage you might need when you leave for your trip.

And remember: The U.S. Department of State recommends that U.S. travelers purchase supplemental travel insurance for cruising in Australian waters even though it isn’t required.

Learn more about U.S. health insurance coverage abroad from our blog, “Does U.S. Health Insurance Cover International Travel?



PRO TIP! If your Australian cruise includes stops in other countries, you’ll want to verify their travel insurance requirements too. Use our interactive travel restrictions map to determine requirements for each country you are visiting.



Why Should I Get International Cruise Travel Insurance?

There are many benefits to having international cruise travel insurance. For instance, cruises can be delayed due to bad weather. Imagine landing in Australia to find out your cruise won’t be leaving the port. You don’t have a plan B, you don’t have hotel reservations, and you don’t know anyone in Australia you can call to assist.

At this point, you may be asking, “Is cruise insurance worth it?” You likely want some details on what scenarios you could have coverage for with cruise travel insurance.

Let’s highlight some of the reasons why you might want cruise travel insurance:

  • Your cruise is delayed due to unexpected weather conditions.
  • You get sick from a stomach bug spread around the cruise.
  • You get injured during recreational activities at a port.
  • Your regular health insurance provides little-to-no coverage in international waters.
  • You require a medical evacuation to get care for a life or limb-saving medical emergency. 

These are just some of the scenarios that may prompt the need for a cruise travel insurance plan.


The Best Cruise Travel Insurance Australia

When looking for travel insurance for cruises, here are some of the benefits you may want to look for:

  • Trip Cancellation – Reimbursement for the full cost of your prepaid and nonrefundable travel expenses (up to your policy maximum) if you cancel your cruise for a covered reason

  • Trip Interruption – Reimbursement for unused, prepaid, and nonrefundable expenses if you have to end your trip early for a covered reason

  • Travel Delay – Reimbursement for covered expenses if you’re delayed for a certain number of hours

  • Emergency Accident and Sickness Medical Expense – Covers necessary, unexpected health care expenses while traveling abroad

  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains – Reimbursement for physician-ordered, emergency air or ground transportation from a hospital that isn’t equipped to save your life or limb to the nearest hospital with such resources; repatriation expenses in the event you pass away

The most robust cruise travel insurance Australia policy will likely include all these benefits. Our Atlas Journey® travel insurance could be the ideal multi-night cruise travel insurance for your trip to Australia because of the comprehensive coverage it provides. Plus, it features all of the above benefits.

Choose from three levels of coverage: Premier, Preferred, and Economy.

  • Premier has the highest premium starting at *$43 but also includes the highest benefit amounts.
  • Preferred has mid-level pricing starting at **$36 with mid-level benefit amounts.
  • Economy is the most budget friendly option starting at ***$17 but features the lowest benefit amounts.

*Price is reflective of one traveler purchasing an Atlas Journey Premier plan with a trip cost in the lowest category ($1 - $250) and a traveler in the youngest age range (0 – 17).

**Price is reflective of one traveler purchasing an Atlas Journey Preferred plan with a trip cost in the lowest category ($1 - $250) and a traveler in the youngest age range (0 – 17).

***Price is reflective of one traveler purchasing an Atlas Journey Economy plan with a trip cost in the lowest category ($1 - $250) and a traveler in the youngest age range (0 – 17).


Coverage Upgrades

Are you interested in cruise travel insurance with cancel for any reason coverage? Upgrade your Atlas Journey plan to include Trip Cancellation for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage to give you the freedom to cancel your trip for any reason and receive reimbursement for 50% or 75% of your prepaid, nonrefundable costs—whichever you choose upon purchase.

This optional upgrade is available with our Premier and Preferred plans as long as you purchase your coverage:

  • within 21 days of the date you made your first payment toward your trip and
  • more than 2 days prior to your departure

Adventure Sports coverage might be another coverage upgrade to get for your Australian cruise. Our Adventure Sports upgrade extends coverage to include sports like safari, bungee jumping, hang gliding, and more. This upgrade is available with any of our Atlas Journey plans.


Visit our cruise travel insurance page to learn more about what is included in an Atlas Journey plan or get a free quote now.


How Much Does Cruise Travel Insurance Cost?

There are four factors that determine the price of your cruise travel insurance plan: 

  • Trip Cost – Lower trip cost = lower premium (and vice versa)
  • Age – Younger traveler = lower premium (and vice versa)
  • Coverage – Less coverage = lower premium (and vice versa)
  • Benefit Upgrades – Fewer benefit upgrades = lower premium (and vice versa)

Here’s an example: A 35-year-old couple is planning to take a cruise to Australia in June. In total, their trip will cost $5,000 including flights to and from Australia and the four-day cruise. Their Atlas Journey cruise travel insurance cost would start at $195 per person with Atlas Journey Economy.

Now, let’s say the couple would prefer our premium coverage plan. With Atlas Journey Premier, their coverage cost would be $299 per person.

What if the couple decides they want to travel during a more affordable time of year – like January or February – and their trip cost drops to $4,000? Then, the cost of an Atlas Journey Premier plan would start at $231 per person.

*Cost reflects Atlas Journey cruise travel insurance plan pricing as of the date of publishing on 06/30/2023.


Use our quote engine to plug in your trip details and view your Atlas Journey cruise insurance comparison.


Travel Insurance for Cruises for Seniors

It’s no secret that seniors love going on cruises in their retirement. Cruise travel is a great way for seniors to see the world and enjoy the fruits of their labor. It's also a great idea to purchase travel insurance to cover unexpected travel mishaps and medical emergencies.

The best cruise travel insurance for seniors will include a variety of benefits that cover both emergency medical expenses and travel mishaps, like trip interruption and lost luggage.

Atlas Journey travel insurance for seniors over 70 and others can cover up to 100% of trip costs up to the benefit maximum for canceling a trip for a covered reason. Seniors also get Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains coverage while traveling and coverage for other emergency medical expenses.

Travel assistance services are also included with every Atlas Journey travel insurance plan to help travelers through various travel mishaps and emergencies.

DID YOU KNOW? WorldTrips’ Atlas Journey Premier plan was named in Forbes Advisor’s list of the best senior travel insurance plans.

Having a list of the most important benefits will help travelers decide on the best international travel insurance for seniors taking a cruise in Australia. Whether you choose our more budget-friendly Atlas Journey Economy travel insurance for seniors over 75 policy or our Premier plan, make sure your priority benefits align with your plan. While Premier may be more expensive, its plan maximums may make you feel more secure about your trip.

And if trip cancellation coverage isn’t a priority, considering checking out travel medical insurance for seniors over 70 and others like our Atlas Travel medical insurance plan.

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