Do I Need Travel Insurance for Costa Rica?

Discover the Benefits You Should Look for in Your Costa Rica Travel Insurance

Traveling to Costa Rica can provide you with the trip of a lifetime full of exploration, adventure, and relaxation. To make sure you have coverage in case of medical emergencies or travel mishaps, you’ll want to consider obtaining travel insurance that has emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation coverage, and coverage for other travel-related issues.

Travel Insurance Costa Rica: Must-Have Benefits and Coverage Pricing

Picture yourself having a once-in-a-lifetime experience during an adventure in Costa Rica. Are you exploring one of its national parks? Costa Rica has 26 national parks, and three of them are UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Sites. Are you zip lining through the trees, or just enjoying a walk down a boardwalk?

The last thing you, a family member, or a travel companion want to happen is for that picturesque moment to be ruined, whether due to an unexpected trip cancellation or even a medical emergency once you do arrive at your destination. But sometimes… things just happen.

While a Costa Rica travel guide can tell you of all the beautiful sites to see and activities to try for the ultimate experience, any wise traveler will know there is always potential for something unexpected to happen – and it is often out of your control. Knowing you have travel insurance for Costa Rica that provides coverage for trip cancellations and a variety of other unexpected mishaps can make all the difference.


Costa Rica Entry Requirements: Passports, Visas, and More

As you plan your travels, one of the most important tasks is to take time to understand Costa Rica entry requirements and Costa Rica passport requirements, as you will need to prepare for these ahead of time.

For Costa Rica, here are the *current requirements:

  • A current passport for all adults and children, valid for one day or longer after your arrival in the country (visas not required)
  • A departure ticket as proof of your intent to exit Costa Rica and when, which can show that you will be returning to the U.S. or another country
  • Document(s) showing economic solvency (i.e., proof of your ability to cover financial obligations for your stay); you may not need this, but it’s beneficial to have should an immigration official ask for it—especially if you intend a longer stay of up to 90 days.
As of April 2020, Costa Rica no longer requires that you show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or a pre-departure COVID-19 test. Quarantine is not required, nor is the wearing of masks in public.

A common question for travelers is “Do I need travel insurance for Costa Rica?” and “Is it required for entry?” While travelers are not required to show proof of travel insurance when entering the country, it is highly recommended that all visitors acquire insurance suitable to their travel plans prior to the trip. The U.S. Department of State “strongly recommend[s] supplemental travel insurance” be purchased by travelers to cover unexpected medical expenses and medical evacuation. So many unexpected things can happen, and there is no harm in being prepared for medical or other travel emergencies.

How Much Travel Insurance Do I Need for Costa Rica?

Costa Rica might not be the cheapest country to visit in Central America, but it’s typically much more affordable than a European vacation. Making room for travel insurance for Costa Rica in your budget can go a long way in keeping costs more predictable, no matter what might happen on your trip.

Now that you’ve determined travel insurance is the right move for you and your travel companies, the next step involves determining what kind of coverage you want. When asking yourself, “How much travel insurance do I need for Costa Rica?” it’s best to start by creating a list of “must-have” benefits and “nice-to-have” benefits.

Here are five must-have benefits we recommend for your trip to Costa Rica:

  • Reimbursement for trip cancellation could cover prepaid and nonrefundable expenses you miss out on if you must cancel your trip due to a reason covered under your insurance policy. This can be especially important for prepaid excursions, hotels, flights, or other big-ticket items that might not be refunded if your trip is canceled.

  • Coverage for trip interruption – which can shorten your vacation, cause you to miss scheduled tours or activities, and also cause frustration – can be important for unexpected trip adjustments. If you are forced to miss a portion of your vacation because of a covered reason, you could get reimbursed for prepaid and unused travel purchases.

  • A travel delay benefit could mean you are reimbursed for expenses related to extensive travel delays, like a flight delayed for over twelve hours.

  • Emergency medical coverage could be essential should you or your travel companion fall sick or become injured. Sun poisoning after a day at the beach or a serious injury while hiking along a walking trail could land you in the emergency room for several hours with a hefty bill in tow. Emergency medical coverage could help cover the cost.

  • The U.S. Department of State advises travelers to Costa Rica to get emergency medical evacuation coverage. Should you need to be transported to a different medical facility to save your life or limb, your evacuation coverage could help cover transportation costs.

  • Coverage for damaged, lost, or stolen luggage could provide reimbursement for the replacement of clothes and personal hygiene items.

There are also add-on benefits, or upgrades, that might be nice to have to further cover your financial risk while traveling to Costa Rica.

A few of these nice-to-have benefits include:

  • A trip cancellation for any reason (CFAR) benefit would allow you to recoup 50% or 75% of the costs if you cancel your trip for a reason not covered under your base insurance plan. This gives you the freedom to cancel your trip on your own terms while still getting refunded a significant portion of your prepaid and nonrefundable travel expenses.

  • If you’re interested in upgrading your medical evacuation coverage, an optional medical evacuation upgrade would be ideal. Double your coverage for medical evacuations and have the freedom to select your hospital of choice for evacuation.

  • Some travel insurance plans exclude coverage for activities like safaris, bungee jumping, hang gliding, and more. An adventure sports benefit could provide coverage for these types of adventure activities during your trip to Costa Rica where the excursion opportunities are so plentiful.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost for Costa Rica?

Knowing the costs associated with purchasing travel insurance and what you should expect to spend can be an important factor as you plan your Costa Rica trip. The truth is the cost of your travel insurance coverage will vary depending on your unique needs.

Trip Cost

The more expensive your trip is, the higher your coverage premium will be.

Insurance Purchase Date

Purchasing your insurance plan closer to your departure date could mean a lower premium.

Age of Traveler(s)

Travel insurance is often more expensive for older travelers and less for younger travelers.

Level of Coverage

If your insurance plan offers multiple levels of coverage, these levels will likely vary in price.

Benefit Upgrades

You could choose to add on additional benefits to your plan, which will add to your overall price.

Note that Atlas Journey® Elevate and Explore plans use family coverage rating, which includes children below age 18 at no additional cost (one child per insured adult).

You can use our Atlas Journey® quote engine to quickly and easily compare plan prices. Just input your trip details and click “View My Plans.”

What Is the Best Costa Rica Travel Insurance for Your Trip?

Atlas Journey® travel insurance may be the best Costa Rica travel insurance for individuals and families alike looking for the necessary travel and medical expense coverage they need. Choose from three convenient levels of coverage, including Elevate, Explore, or Escape, all designed for U.S. residents traveling within the U.S. and/or abroad. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • The plan features trip cancellation coverage as well as coverage for other travel mishaps, like travel delay, missed connection, loyalty/frequent flyer miles, and baggage delay, damage, or loss.
  • You’ll also get coverage for emergency medical expenses, unexpected dental expenses, medical evacuation, and accidental death and dismemberment coverage.
  • Every Atlas Journey policyholder gets access to 24/7 travel assistance services upon purchasing a plan. Our team of skilled representatives can help you navigate a stressful emergency abroad.

To further customize your plan, these benefit upgrades are available for Atlas Journey Elevate and Atlas Journey Explore policies:

  • Cancel for Any Reason – Choose 50% or 75% back for cancellation due to a non-covered reason
  • Adventure Sports – Extends coverage to include sports such as safari, bungee jumping, hang gliding, & more
  • Rental Car Damage and Theft – Adds collision damage waiver and coverage for theft of rental vehicle
  • Pet Care – Adds cancellation coverage for death/critical illness of your dog or cat and vet care if traveling with you

If you’re wondering “How do I get travel insurance for Costa Rica?” and you’re ready to buy Costa Rica travel insurance from WorldTrips, you can get an immediate plan price here.

Can I Use U.S. Health Insurance in Costa Rica?

You might be wondering, “Can I use my U.S. health insurance in Costa Rica?” and “Do I need health insurance to travel to Costa Rica?” The answer to the first question? Probably not.

Though primary health insurance plans in the U.S. can vary, most do NOT offer coverage overseas. Contact your health insurance provide to find out whether or not you will have coverage when traveling internationally. If after questioning, “Can you use American health insurance in Costa Rica?” and confirming from your health insurance provider that you won’t be getting any coverage (or that you’ll be getting very little coverage), then it’s time to start looking into your options.

Travel medical coverage isn’t required for Costa Rica, but it may be worth considering. Many comprehensive travel insurance plans, like Atlas Journey, will feature some type of emergency medical coverage. This type of coverage could cover unexpected trips to the emergency room and treatment for unexpected injuries or illnesses.

You can also opt for travel medical insurance for Costa Rica like Atlas Travel® from WorldTrips. This is a travel medical insurance plan that offers more coverage for emergency medical expenses, but at a less expensive price since it doesn’t include trip cancellation coverage.

Travel health insurance for international trips features coverage for a variety of unexpected medical expenses, such as:

  • Hospital room and board
  • Diagnostic testing and surgery
  • Necessary emergency medical evacuation

So, whether you are looking for Costa Rica health insurance for expats or trip cancellation coverage for a week-long vacation, make sure you’ve purchased travel insurance or travel medical insurance to help cover any unexpected bills.


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