Inexpensive Sightseeing in the US

Jarred Juett
Inexpensive Sightseeing in the US

We have written before about inexpensive vacation destinations for the international jet-setting traveler. But what if you want to enjoy the United States on the cheap? There is no shortage of sightseeing destinations or breathtaking landmarks of natural beauty for the American traveler to see in their home country.

There are so many inexpensive vacation destinations to choose from in the U.S. that it can be mind-boggling. Luckily, we scoured the internet and travel guides to build this list of four great places to visit on a budget.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

One of the most beautiful locations in the U.S., Yellowstone offers hundreds of miles of hiking trails and countless natural landmarks to visit. Old Faithful and other geysers, hot springs, and more wait for you to see. Bring your own camping supplies and rough it — you will save plenty of money after the entry fee!

Bozeman, Montana

Another gorgeous bit of paradise in America, Bozeman will let the traveler weary of the busy city life relax by its peaceful rivers and streams with some fly-fishing. Seeking more adventure? There are some challenging white-river rapids for the braver visitors. Be sure to check historic downtown for some rustic charm!

Savannah, Georgia

This southern city offers a unique blend of down-home charm with modern culture for visitors. Many restaurants have menus with delicious servings of southern cooking and the city is filled with beautiful architecture. Room rates are very affordable and there are other places to visit nearby.

Washington, DC

While hotel rooms are not always the most affordable, some diligent searching will turn up deals that make the U.S. capital a cost-effective trip. With so many national monuments, museums, and the National Mall, there is no shortage of things to do, and most of these attractions are free.

There are many other locations in the U.S. to visit on a budget. A little exploration and adventure can be had with the help of an atlas and some proper planning.

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